Air Conditioner Allergy


air conditioner allergy

With torrid weather, one can’t expect life without air conditioners. Apart from giving you a cool breeze, air conditioners make your electricity bill to go beyond the budget. You may adjust with it, but when you frequently get exposed to this cool breeze it may bung your nose and throat.

Experiencing allergy in spring and due to dust mites is common, but air conditioner allergy is uncommon. Report says that ACs is causing different allergies in sensitive people.

When you leave your child directly in draught of air for whole night, infection like cold may occur. And when you don’t clean air conditioning filters and leave the room uncleaned with chemicals like perfumes, soon allergy triggers in sensitive people.

Your bed and pillow are filled with dead dust mites and with their waste. These micro-organisms habitat in moist environment and multiple rapidly, affecting your family.

Expert says that people, who often work at centralized air conditioning places, complain frequently about allergy. Further they advise not to move frequently between cool and hot environments. Placing a humidifier in a room will help you out.

Not everyone will experience allergy symptoms. When sensitive people come in contact with allergens like dust mites, their immune system releases antibodies to identify these foreign substances. To combat them it then releases histamines, which causes different allergic symptoms like nasal congestion, headache and repeated sneezing.

After studying doctors state that people who’re allergic to air conditioners will feel sick most of the time and their work efficiency decreases.

Using nasal sprays or over the counter medicines will give you temporary relief from air conditioner allergy. Repeated use of drugs is not recommended for youngsters. Steam inhalation will go well if you’ve no bacterial infection.

Examine signs of allergy for a week. If symptoms persist reach the doctor for treatment, so that you’ll be diagnosed to know the irritants that triggered infection. If dust mites or not cleaning AC filter are main cause, then you can set them. If air conditioning is the problem, then discuss with doctor to get rid of allergy.

  • Uncleaned filters and ducts are main reason for air conditioner allergy. Get it cleaned regularly.
  • Maintain optimal temperature at 22 or 23 degree C. Place humidifier in the room to lower the risk of allergy.
  • Clean your office or bed rooms, wash carpets and get rid of dust mites.

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