Perfect Skincare Tips for Diabetics

Perfect Skincare

  In the UK and the US, around 9% of the population in total have diabetes and these are worrying statistics with some serious side-effects. As many as one-third of people with diabetes will also develop skin conditions related to their diabetes – at some time in their lives. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Are you […]

Hazelnuts Allergy

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Hazelnut belongs to the nut family and is one of the most common type of food allergy. Hazelnuts are present in many food items like chocolates, ice-creams, cakes, cookies snacks etc. The most popular and most liked food product around the world, that is nutella also contains hazelnut. Hazelnut allergy can range from mild to […]

Insect Allergy

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Insect allergy is caused due to the stinging of insects on the skin. It is basically the venom from the sting that causes the allergy. Mild allergic reactions will be cured within a day or two but if its severe then immediate medical help is must as it is life threatening. Insect allergy occurs when […]

Soy Allergy Symptoms

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Soy is one of the most common food item used in preparing dishes as well as it is present in many processed foods. Apart from these soy is one of the most active ingredient present in infant formula. Most kids are likely to suffer from soy allergy first time under the age of 3 and […]

Deodorant Allergy Symptoms

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Deodorants are the most commonly used product universally in order to conceal bad odor. It is a type of cosmetic used by both younger as well as older generation in order to prevent perspiration. Deodorants have antimicrobial formula which not only covers up the odor by decreasing the number of bacteria that produces odoriferous substance […]

Corn Allergy Symptoms

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Corn is the most common type of food item used to prepare many dishes throughout the world. The most basic as well as the most liked thing prepared by using corns are pop corns. However these corns can trigger allergic reactions in you. An allergic reaction occurs when your immune systems overreacts  when you eat […]

Blue Cheese Allergy


Reasons for Blue Cheese Allergy Eating of blue cheese can cause inflammation which can develop anywhere in the body. Mostly blue cheese contains 2 highly allergenic substance, which are milk and mold. Symptoms caused by blue cheese are the results of inflammation in soft tissue in different parts of the body. Blue spots found in […]