Cashmere Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

cashmere allergy

Being the largest organ of the body, skin protects and enhances your beauty. Rash or itching on skin signal many things including allergy. There are bunch of irritants that trigger allergic symptoms. Apart from food, creams, clothes you wear can irritate your sensitive skin. Cashmere allergy is one among them. Though many people feel very […]

Lychee Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

lychee allergy

Chinese consider oval shaped lychees to be the symbol of love and romance. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, this fruit is delicious and has abundant benefits for your health. Unfortunately, sensitive people may experience lychee allergy symptoms. This tropical fruit is mostly found in the months of May and June in China and Southern […]

Symptoms of Strawberry Allergy in a Baby

strawberry allergy in babies

It is known as the queen of fruits, because of vitamins and minerals residing in it. Strawberries have abundant benefits for health and skin, but according to Dr. Janice of all staple fruits, strawberry likely to trigger allergic reaction. Due to immature immune system babies are risk of having severe strawberry allergy. Like any other […]

Grass Pollen Allergy


Grass pollens are basically microscopic substances produced by grass, trees and flowers which are capable of causing allergy. Pollens are powdered like substance which helps in fertilising plans. These pollens are carried away to long distances by air, insects, plants which cannot be seen but are harmful to those allergic to grass pollen. Inhaling grass […]

Canola Oil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

canola oil allergy

Often it is promoted as healthiest edible oil in the market, because of its low saturated fat and high mono-saturated fatty acids. However, few proteins in this cooking oil can trigger reaction and lead to canola oil allergy. Though it’s rare, canola oil allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe conditions. If your body […]

Chestnut Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

chestnut allergy

If your immune system doesn’t go well with tree nuts, then experts suggest staying away from chestnut. Like pecans and walnuts, chestnut has abundant health benefits because of its high fiber content. Chestnut allergy symptoms range from mild to severe leading to anaphylaxis. Like tree nut allergy you may experience rashes over skin, burning eyes, […]