Buckwheat Pillow Allergy 


Buckwheat hull pillows are renowned for hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistance. Though these pillows give you wonderful sleeping experience and help to get rid of neck pain, scientific studies show that it has same amount of dust mites like synthetic pillows and symptoms of buckwheat pillow allergy are identical to other allergic reactions.

It’s prominently used in food, medicine and to improve digestion. High levels of rutin are extracted from leaves of buckwheat to treat blood pressure. Buckwheat has been used in ancient Egypt and China for its benefits. This ancient grain got its name from its angular seeds.

Today it is known for its pillows. It’s marketed for its excellent smell, breathability, affordability and environmental friendly. Everyone is amazed to hear the benefits of these inexpensive pillows, but scientific researchers decided to dwell into actual truth.

backwheat pillow allergy

As you might now, house dust mites inhibit in warm and moist environments. Mattress and pillows are great place for them to invade and breed prolifically. Literally, there are millions of dust mites surrounding your house. Studies show that old pillows contain dead dust mites and waste from them that can trigger allergic reaction in most people.

An allergic reaction may range from single rash to serious death leading conditions. So a research team in Korea started the study in 2004 about effectiveness of buckwheat pillows towards allergens.

The study carried 13 pairs of pillows (include synthetic and buckwheat pillows), after three months of use the researchers concluded that buckwheat pillows has equal amount of dust mites allergens like synthetic pillows. And bacterial toxins in buckwheat pillows can aggravate asthma condition. (source)

However, dust mite allergens in buckwheat pillows made in US lack studies, says Rob Siebers scientist at University of Otago. Because they are cleaned thoroughly before packing, he adds. Few buckwheat pillow manufacturers claim that their customers with allergies are getting relief.

You can’t wash buckwheat as they can’t be dried easily. Even if you can clean them regularly, some may experience allergic reaction if they are sensitive to buckwheat itself. So, compared to synthetic pillows buckwheat pillows are best to go if you aren’t experiencing allergic reaction.

One way to get rid of buckwheat pillow allergy is to avoid them or freeze them to kill dust mites.

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