Butterbur for Hay Fever

butterbur and hayfever

Hay fever is caused by an allergic reaction in your body. Though symptoms of hay fever are similar to a cold, congestion and runny nose, it doesn’t lead to fever. The allergy is in response to airborne substances reaction with antibodies that were released by your immune system.

When these fine powdered particles (pollen) enters into the pollen sensitive person, immune system produces antibodies to thwart the foreign materials leading to allergic symptoms. Hay fever is also known as allergic rhinitis.

Common symptoms of this allergic reaction include: runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing.

Steroids with antihistamine activity can be used to reduce hay fever symptoms. However, natural remedies like butterbur for hay fever work effectively and will not produce drowsiness. Excellent thing about innate remedies are that you can find them in your local market.

Butterbur and Hay fever

Butterbur is an herb that is used to make medicine to treat upset stomach, stomach ulcers, migraine, headaches, asthma, fever, insomnia, whooping cough, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and to heal wounds.

A study was carried out with 330 participants with hay fever. Some of them were served with antihistamines and others were given butterbur extracts. Andreas Schapowal, MD, PhD who carried this research concludes that herbal remedy is safe to use, as it doesn’t cause drowsiness.

BBC news suggests that this herbaceous plant can effectively reduce hay fever symptoms. Anyhow, further scientific studies are lacking to prove it calming results.

Unfortunately, researchers don’t know the exact way butterbur reduces hay fever. Mostly the chemicals in this herb react with histamine and restrain activity. Studies also show that butterbur has antihistamine property.

This herb is found in Europe, Asia and parts of North America. For centuries butterbur has significant role in herbal remedy.

Mr. John de Carpentier states that this herb has bio-chemical agents and can react with other medications. So you must consult your doctor before taking this herb. WebMD states, a chemical called pyrrolizidine alkaloids residing in the herb will damage liver and seriously harms it. Check for “PA-free” label while taking butterbur from store. You can use it over injuries and wounds to fasten healing process.


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