Insect Allergy

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Insect allergy is caused due to the stinging of insects on the skin. It is basically the venom from the sting that causes the allergy. Mild allergic reactions will be cured within a day or two but if its severe then immediate medical help is must as it is life threatening. Insect allergy occurs when […]

How to Treat Dust Mites on Dogs

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Mites mean (dust or waste). Allergy is a common disease which can affect to human beings or animals. Dust mites allergy is caused by tiny spider like creatures that live in our houses, to eat the dander (skin & hair flakes) from our bodies. They are not visible to our naked eyes. By using a […]

Shellfish Allergy Symptoms & Diagnosis

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Shellfish allergy is among the most common food allergies but this allergy is possibly one of the most serious food allergies. Shellfish allergy is separate from that of a fish allergy, normally individual’s immune system react excessively with shellfish when they are wide-open to the proteins in certain types of seafood. Shellfish allergy is one […]

Bee Sting Allergy Symptoms & Diagnosis

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A bee sting is tender and infuriating for several hours for some people, but not too serious for most of the people. Bee stings can produce dissimilar reactions that are vacillating from temporary pain and discomfort to a severe allergic reaction. Apart from being painful, bee stings can cause you even red lumps as well […]

Is Your Pit Bull Suffering from Allergies


What are the Pitbull allergies that make the condition of your dog irritable? Pit bull breeds are inclined to skin issues that are not as regular in different dogs, including rashes, hives and sunburn. These conditions may bring about scratching issues extending from mellow disturbance to serious, vivacious scratching that can prompt hematoma and require […]

7 Golden Retriever Allergies and Side Effects


What are the Golden Retriever allergies and How to recognize them? Golden retrievers are a standout amongst the most well known and best puppy breeds with incredible appeal and intelligence. However, these breeds are more inclined to certain health illnesses contrasted with different breeds. Despite the fact that they get more noteworthy care, grooming and […]