Deodorant Allergy Symptoms

Deodorant Allergy Symptoms FB 2

Deodorants are the most commonly used product universally in order to conceal bad odor. It is a type of cosmetic used by both younger as well as older generation in order to prevent perspiration. Deodorants have antimicrobial formula which not only covers up the odor by decreasing the number of bacteria that produces odoriferous substance […]

Hair Dye Allergy Symptoms


Both men and women use hair dye to conceal grey hair and maintain their youthful appearance. From past 20 years, use of hair color increased exponentially. Studies in US reveals 25% increase in men using hair color. Identical studies are found in other parts of the World. If you too frequently use hair color, then […]

Nail Polish Allergy – Fingernail and Toenail Infection


Everyone yields to look good, especially women. They want to get enticing appearance that gets all eye balls. Apart from being attractive, manicure and pedicure are needed to keep your nails hygiene. But, if your skin or nails are sensitive to any of the ingredients in the manicure, you’ll experience an allergic reaction. Nail polish […]

Salicylate Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


Salicylate allergy triggers when a hypersensitive people when ingest aspirin or topically use cosmetic products that include this compound ingredient. Apart from medicines and beauty products, this chemical ingredient can be found in fruits and vegetables. Though for some people this ingredient may not stimulate any reaction and can be beneficial. But, it’s not same […]

Oxybenzone Allergy Symptoms

Oxybenzone allergy

Both natural extracts and artificial ingredients are used while manufacturing cosmetic products. Oxybenzone is one such organic compound used in sunscreen lotions. Ingredients in sunscreen cream acts as “Penetration enhancers”, so they easily get absorbed by the skin and can be measured in blood and urine samples. These ingredients may trigger oxybenzone allergy symptoms in hypersensitive people. […]

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Allergy

Sodium lauryl sulfate allergy

Personal care products that you use to achieve radiant and alluring skin include a bunch of chemicals. According to United Nations Environmental Programme, approximately 70,000 chemical are incorporated in daily used cosmetic products. Sodium lauryl sulfate is one such chemical substance, which can irritate your skin. Sodium lauryl sulfate allergy triggers when you use products […]