Acrylic Nail Allergy

acrylic nail allergy

Nails can turn your old attire to new one. After your face, one will see your hands particularly nails while meeting. It’s a true fact that women are more concerned about their looks than men. They spend at-least an hour every day having a glimpse of their appearance. For an alluring look, most people use […]

Fragrance Allergy Symptoms

fragrance allergy symptoms

Fragrance has become one of the most essential parts of our lives. It is used by almost all age groups on daily basis. However, for some people it may turn out to be allergic. Fragrance allergy has become most common forms of contact allergy in adults. It’s not necessary that the person who is wearing […]

Sunscreen Allergy Symptoms

sunscreen allergy

Repeated exposure to sunlight leads to dark spots on different parts of the body. This is because; production of melanin (a pigment responsible for skin color) is doubled when it gets exposed to sunlight. Along with other external and internal factors skin develops brown or dark spots. To protect the skin from dangerous rays of […]

Face Cream Allergy Symptoms

face cream allergy

Cosmetic manufactures incorporate chemical ingredients as they increase shelf life of their products. But, dermatologist and doctors claim that the chemicals can triggers chronic skin condition like contact dermatitis. (1) Though their marketing campaign claims to have natural ingredients, most of them are refined to remove the distinct smell. Face cream allergy results in red […]