Chestnut Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

chestnut allergy

If your immune system doesn’t go well with tree nuts, then experts suggest staying away from chestnut. Like pecans and walnuts, chestnut has abundant health benefits because of its high fiber content. Chestnut allergy symptoms range from mild to severe leading to anaphylaxis. Like tree nut allergy you may experience rashes over skin, burning eyes, […]

Cocoa Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

cocoa allergy symptoms

Cocoa allergy is very rare and experts say that allergic may trigger because of the various different ingredients included in cocoa or chocolate. So you experience allergy after eating chocolate, don’t come to inclusion that you’re sensitive to cocoa. There are 300 varied items included in it. The fact is only 4 percent of people […]

Celery Allergy Symptoms, Diagnosis

celery allergy

Due to its excellent nutritional profile, celery has been used to treat various health ailments including cardiovascular problem, hypertension, blood pressure, cholesterol level and dehydration. With high amount of water content, celery can hydrate your body and improve overall functioning. However, immune system in some people it may trigger allergic reaction at specific times of […]

Rye Allergy Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

rye allergy symptoms

If you’re experiencing rashes, swelling and other uncommon symptoms after eating rye bread, then probably you’re sensitive to grains. Rye resembles wheat and barley; if you’re allergic to these substances then proteins in rye may irritate you. Researches state that there are 23 proteins in rye that can trigger rye allergy symptoms. These proteins are […]

Chamomile Allergy Symptoms

chamomile allergy

For thousands of years chamomile has been used to soothe various health and skin ailments. There are two types of chamomile namely German chamomile and Roman chamomile. Americans extensively use German chamomile for upset stomach, mouth ulcers, diarrhea and sleeplessness. However, reports state that it can trigger allergic reaction in few people. Chamomile allergy symptoms […]

Coconut Allergy Symptoms


One of the rare kinds of food allergies is coconut allergy. Not only the coconut but also coconut water and coconut milk can cause allergy. The protein present in coconut can lead to abnormal reactions to your immune system causing coconut allergy. If a person whose immune system is weak or if a person is […]

Poppy Seed Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

poppy seed allergy

Poppy seed allergy is one of the most common peanut allergy common among infants and adults. It’s very difficult to avoid this food allergy because most bakery and spicy dishes include proteins of poppy seed. Reaction triggers when a certain protein comes in contact with body. Your immune system to fight these foreign substances releases […]