Sunflower Seed Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


What sort of allergies and food may impact and create Sunflower seed allergy? Some food hypersensitivities are extremely troublesome and baffling to work around, similar to eggs or dairy items. Others, for example, nuts and sunflower seeds, are less challenging. Still, nuts and seeds are found in an astonishing number of regular nourishments and different […]

Tuna Fish Allergy Symptoms

tuna fish allergy

Most Americans love seafood but reports say that about 7 million Americans are affected by fish allergy, which include tuna fish, shellfish, salmon and cod. Studies further states that most people develop seafood allergy in adulthood. Tuna fish allergy symptoms range from mild to severe reactions like anaphylaxis. According to Food Allergy, anaphylaxis causes 150 […]

Ginger for Cough – Home Remedy

ginger for cough

Cough is not a disease but a process through which your body removes foreign irritants. It is the most common health problem faced all over the world. There are different causes of cough namely, viral illnesses, nasal discharge, smoking and asthma. (1) Ginger helps to loosen the jamming developed in the respiratory passages. The gingerol […]

Side Effects of Turmeric that You Should Know


Turmeric powder is extensively used in Asian dishes and it is also used in religious ceremonies. Antiseptic property packed in this spice helps to fasten the healing process. However, this natural ingredient can irritate some of you. Stay tuned to know about side effects of turmeric. Though turmeric is used to resolve digestive system problems, […]

Alcohol Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

alcohol allergy

These alcohol allergy symptoms suggests as black mirror that needs to be clear before time Alcohol allergy symptoms can bring about prompt, repulsive responses after you drink liquor. The most widely recognized signs and side effects of liquor are the stuffy nose and skin flushing. The best way to anticipate Alcohol intolerance responses is to […]

Pistachio Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

pistachio allergy

Rundown of blatant symptoms of Pistachio Allergy, it’s high time to make a strategic distance Pistachios are small tree nuts, alongside cashews; they are a piece of the mango nut family. Pistachio hypersensitivity more often creates amid the early phases of life and normally endures for the lifetime of the influenced person. This sensitivity side […]

Sesame Seed Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

sesame seed allergy

These symptoms will remind you more about the sesame seed allergy Sesame hypersensitivities may not get as much attention as peanut sensitivities, but the responses can be similarly as genuine. Unfavorable susceptible responses to sesame seeds or its oil give birth to hypersensitivity. An anaphylactic response happens when your body’s immune system discharges elevated amounts […]