Silicone Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


Silicone is a byproduct that is used in almost all personal care products and other daily used items. Itching, swollen bumps or rashes over the skin are common signs of silicone allergy. Symptoms of silicone allergy are very rare, but repeated exposure can lead to anaphylaxis shock. First case of allergic reaction due to this […]

Ring Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


Donning your wedding or engagement ring is exciting. But the new platinum ring may irritate your finger. A red, itchy and dry rash can be experienced by sensitive people. Wedding ring allergy symptoms can be seen if the person is hypersensitive to platinum or nickel in the ornament. Other it can just be normal skin […]

Periorbital Edema Causes and Treatment


Periorbital edema is the medical terms for swelling of the skin around the eyes. It can be an allergic reaction, infection or external trauma that results in swelling under eye. According to experts periorbital edema causes when small blood vessels leak excess fluid, which builds fluid in cells or tissues. As the skin under eye […]

Wool Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


Though am not allergic to wool, but my skin gets irritated after wearing woolen sweater. So if you experience acute itching after touching wool, then don’t think you’re allergic to it. Of course wool allergy does exist and hypersensitive person may experience red inflamed bumps over the skin. According to experts true wool allergy is […]

Fabric Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


It isn’t always the cold that leads to runny nose, coughing and sneezing. Fabric allergic symptoms trigger similar signs. Further, allergic reaction triggered by fabric can cause blisters, contact dermatitis, redness and itching. According to experts, chemicals incorporated in fabric or the textile fabric itself can be held responsible for the reaction. What Causes Fabric […]

Basil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


Excess eating isn’t good for health. Natural ingredients, which are renowned for its healing benefits can stimulate allergic when taken in excess amount. Basil allergy isn’t common, but there are few cases where this adverse reaction has been reported. Hindus worship Holy Basil and are prominently used in Ayurvedic medicine. Active properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial […]

Side Effects of Chicory Root Extract

side effects of chicory root extract

With blue flowers, chicory plant is renowned for many health benefits. Chicory root extract is prominent than its leaves and flowers. It has impressive benefits for digestive issues like constipation, intestinal infection, stomach upset and liver problem. However, consult with physician before ingesting this innate ingredient to avoid side effects of chicory root extract. Chicory […]