Fabric Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


It isn’t always the cold that leads to runny nose, coughing and sneezing. Fabric allergic symptoms trigger similar signs. Further, allergic reaction triggered by fabric can cause blisters, contact dermatitis, redness and itching. According to experts, chemicals incorporated in fabric or the textile fabric itself can be held responsible for the reaction. What Causes Fabric […]

Basil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


Excess eating isn’t good for health. Natural ingredients, which are renowned for its healing benefits can stimulate allergic when taken in excess amount. Basil allergy isn’t common, but there are few cases where this adverse reaction has been reported. Hindus worship Holy Basil and are prominently used in Ayurvedic medicine. Active properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial […]

Side Effects of Chicory Root Extract

side effects of chicory root extract

With blue flowers, chicory plant is renowned for many health benefits. Chicory root extract is prominent than its leaves and flowers. It has impressive benefits for digestive issues like constipation, intestinal infection, stomach upset and liver problem. However, consult with physician before ingesting this innate ingredient to avoid side effects of chicory root extract. Chicory […]

Aluminum Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

Aluminum allergy is rare, but due its increasing use in daily used products sensitive people can expect allergic rashes. You’re exposed to different types of metals every day like, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, mercury in vaccines and cobalt. It might be surprising. But, products you use like jewelry, seafood, vaccination, water and cosmetics include these […]

Symptoms of Augmentin Allergy

augmentin allergy

Amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium are two active ingredients in augmentin. People who’re sensitive to this penicillin antibiotic medication can trigger augmentin allergy symptoms. Ingredients in augmentin antibiotic produce IgE antibodies that stimulate allergic reaction. Immune system stimulates adverse reaction after few hours of dosage. In case of non-IgE antibodies, allergic symptoms can be delayed. Symptoms […]

Detergent Allergy Symptoms and 3 Treatments

detergent allergy symptoms

Your skin may develop allergic reaction to laundry detergent after intense exposure. In some cases, sensitive skin people may see detergent allergy symptoms like skin rashes, itching and contact dermatitis within few weeks. Most people not knowing that actual cause of allergy avoid food substances thinking them as allergens. Though, most food allergens trigger skin […]

Glycerin Allergy Symptoms

glycerin allergy

In cosmetic world glycerin is renowned for its hydrating and healing benefits. Beauty products like soaps, lotions, shampoos and creams include this ingredient. However, it can cause glycerin allergy symptoms in hypersensitive people. Skin rash appear after few hours of application on skin. Further, swelling and redness may accompany the allergy. Glycerin Allergy This colorless […]