Fennel Allergy

fennel allergy

Fennel seeds are known for their aromatic smell, taste and nutritional value. Benefits include rich concentration of fiber, antioxidants, cholesterol absorption, maintain balanced blood pressure and increase red blood cells. Besides being nutritious, you may experience fennel allergy symptoms if you’re hypersensitive to its proteins. Mild symptoms may be seen like runny nose, skin rashes […]

Jojoba Oil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

jojoba oil allergy

Oil extracted from seeds of jojoba plant is known as jojoba oil, which is a liquid wax and is prominently used in cosmetic products. Its sebum like characteristic makes it an excellent remedy to treat various chronic skin ailments. However, this healing natural remedy can irritate your skin resulting in jojoba oil allergy symptoms. Skin […]

Olive Oil Allergy Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention

olive oil allergy

Olive oil is prominent for its exceptional nutritional properties. Vitamins and fatty acids penetrate deep into the skin and enhance its functioning. However, proteins in this natural oil can trigger olive oil allergy. According to Mayoclinic, reaction triggers when immune system treats proteins in olive oil as a threat. Antibodies are produced to detect them; […]

Sweat Allergy Symptoms

sweat allergy symptoms

Cholinergic urticaria is an immune system disorder, which results in red blisters, itchy skin and inflamed rashes. Stress, heat, sweat or exercise is main triggers of this allergic reaction. A study carried out with different sec and age group showed positive when tested with sweat. However, few experts say main trigger of sweat allergy symptoms or […]

Down Pillow Allergy Symptoms

down pillow allergy

Itchy rashes, stuffy nose, coughing and difficulty in breathing are common symptoms of down pillow allergy. There are myths revolving around indoor allergies. Dr. Nabeel Farooqui of Ohio State University says that you don’t need to get rid of feather pillows to prevent allergy, instead dust mites are the one which needs to be removed. […]

Lavender Oil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

lavender oil allergy

Lavender oil allergy. Can you imagine the oil which is renowned to reduce allergic symptoms and for its soothing properties in aromatherapy will itself trigger allergy? Is it possible? Experts say, yes it’s possible. Even pure and highly prominent quality essential oils can cause allergic reaction. Though organic lavender oil is free from synthetic preservatives, […]

Cashmere Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

cashmere allergy

Being the largest organ of the body, skin protects and enhances your beauty. Rash or itching on skin signal many things including allergy. There are bunch of irritants that trigger allergic symptoms. Apart from food, creams, clothes you wear can irritate your sensitive skin. Cashmere allergy is one among them. Though many people feel very […]