How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips From an Allergy

get rid of chapped lips form an allergy

Pink lips enhance your beauty and make you look enticing. But, due to allergic reaction few people may experience chapped lips. In most cases, allergies trigger when the allergen come in direct contact with lips. It can be lipstick, toothpaste or any lip care products.

As you knew, allergic reaction leads to different symptoms. Sinus is one among them, which makes your mucus, skin dry and it can cause chapped lips.

One of the best ways to get rid of chapped lips is to treat the allergy. Anyway, there are few home remedies with which you can bring back the lost moisture to your rosy lips.

Everyone who has chapped lips doesn’t mean that she/he has allergic reaction. There are other bunch of causes of dry lips such has wind, heat, sunlight, breathing through mouth because of nasal congestion and cosmetic creams.

Licking your lips will not help; saliva will dry out your lips more than it was before you licked them. There are few lip care product that can hydrate lips and make them attractive, but if you’re allergic to its ingredient that you shouldn’t try it.

Best way to prevent drying of lips in extreme weather conditions is to wrap your face including lips with a cloth.

Steps to Get Rid of Chapped Lips from an Allergy

  • Hydrate your lips with honey or cocoa butter. Don’t try lip care balms, chemical ingredients and preservatives can stimulate allergic reaction.
  • Hydrate from the inside by drinking enough water and eating water rich fruits. This will improve your overall health and enhance sensitive skin over lips.
  • Stay away from chemical ingredient items, alcohol and caffeine; also avoid long exposure to wind.
  • Place humidifier in your room to maintain optimum moisture.

These mentioned steps must be regularly practiced. You can’t expect overnight results by using these simple steps. As mentioned in second step, you must include vitamin rich diet to improve the texture of the skin and lips.

There are various irritants that make your lips dry and chapped. Few notable among them are mentioned below.

Lip care is the first trigger of chapped lips. As you know most cosmetic products are incorporated with chemical preservatives to increase the shelf life of the product. Your sensitive skin on lips could not tolerate it and it starts drying.

Second most irritant that ruin your well hydrate lips is tooth paste. However, it’s very rare but experts, state that toothpaste contain 30 allergens including mint, cinnamon and licorice. These listed items are packed with excellent benefits, but for few people it may not go well.

Thirdly comes, bacterial infection. Due to nasal congestion, when the person breathes through mouth lips gets dry. Through medication prescribed by allergist nasal drip, congestion and mouth breathing can be minimized.

Share your own home remedies to get rid of chapped lips from an allergy.

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