Face Cream Allergy Symptoms

face cream allergy

Cosmetic manufactures incorporate chemical ingredients as they increase shelf life of their products. But, dermatologist and doctors claim that the chemicals can triggers chronic skin condition like contact dermatitis. (1)

Though their marketing campaign claims to have natural ingredients, most of them are refined to remove the distinct smell. Face cream allergy results in red bumps, dry skin, rashes and itchy skin. Your skin is surrounded by natural oil that helps to combat infectious germs and bacteria. Chemical ingredients in cosmetic creams strip moisture and make the skin dry.

Allergic reaction triggers when you come in contact with irritants in face cream. The immune system releases antibodies and histamine to combat these allergens, as a result red blisters and rashes develop. The infection is accompanied by vigorous itching and dry skin.

Apart from facial cream, lipstick, shampoo, eye cream and conditioner may trigger allergic reaction. Allergy can be caused due to direct contact as mentioned or by indirect contact through hands, keys, nickel or other products. (2)

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How to Soothe Facial Cream Allergy?

Infection ranges from mild to severe symptoms. Severe allergies need immediate medical attention, whereas mild allergic reaction can be reduced at home.

  1. Wipe the chemical filled cream off your face, using lukewarm water and mild soap. Pat dry using a soft cloth.
  2. To soothe itching, massage with jojoba oil or rosewater over the face.
  3. For serious inflammation, use hydrocortisone cream over the face. (Consult doctor before using it)
  4. Consume anti-histamine medicines with doctor’s prescription. This medicine reduces histamine and relieves your skin from infection.
  5. Stop using the face cream and its ingredients that triggered allergic reaction.

Face cream allergy is common and need medical attention for serious symptoms. Let us know if you ever experienced this allergy.

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