Foods to Avoid During Allergy Season


foods to avoid during seasonal allergy

Continuous sneezing and itchy throat are annoying you? According to experts, 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children are suffering from seasonal allergy. For many, change in season mean a trip to doctor for prescription.

What most people aren’t aware are list of foods to avoid during allergy season. These foods are the one which can worsen the allergy symptoms. Pollen is the main irritants which trigger allergic reaction.

So, to avoid allergy people with seasonal allergy stay indoors when pollen is high. Apart from taking medication, you must follow strict diet rule to avoid allergy.

Immune system in those with allergies overreacts to harmless proteins in food and produces antibodies to detect them. Next time when you ingest identical protein, antibodies signals immune system to release histamines that react to cause various allergic symptoms.

If you’ve experienced this allergic reaction before, then you might have already determined your triggers and how to tackle them.

Preventing is better than cure; as a part of this process you must avoid your biggest food trigger at every instance. But, certain foods have identical protein structure and you must stay away from them to stop allergic reaction.

Foods to Avoid During Seasonal Allergy

#1 Raw fruits and vegetables

Often these raw food items include pollen, which may irritate your immune system. Symptoms like itching, tingling sensation around mouth and throat are common.

Cross reaction between the foods also trigger allergy. For instance, bananas and zucchini react in your body if you’re hypersensitive to ragweed.

Cooking and canning will destroy proteins that may cause the cross reaction. So you can microwave vegetables and fruits before consuming in allergy season. Celery, peaches, corn, wheat, tomatoes, melons and cucumbers can trigger seasonal allergies.

#2 Foods that promotes histamines

Certain foods like cheese, processed meat, mushrooms, eggplant, sour cream, tomatoes, dried fruits like raisins and vinegar incorporated food items contain histamine or a substance that can produce histamine, which causes seasonal allergies.

Alcoholic beverages like wine and beer also promote histamine production. Avoiding these food items will help to prevent seasonal allergy.

#3 Dairy Products

Though they look delicious and claim to be beneficial. Ingredient in these products may not go well with hypersensitive people.

These food products thicken mucus, which help to rid of allergen from the body. To work efficiently, mucus must be runny, thick mucus can’t travel throughout the body.

Milk, cheese, yogurt and diary include food products may trigger the allergy.

Now that you’ve gone through foods to avoid during allergy seasons, let me share foods that are best for allergies. Fish, apples, red grapes and warm liquids are few best foods for allergies. (source)

You can share your list of foods here in comments.

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