Foods to Avoid with a Dairy Allergy


foods to avoid with dairy allergy

Prominent for its nutritious value milk can trigger be allergic to few among us, check the list of foods to avoid with dairy allergy.

Dairy allergy triggers when milk or other dairy related products are treated harmful by immune system. To detect proteins in milk products, your immune system produces antibodies, which signals back to release histamines.

Histamines react with protein substances to result adverse allergic symptoms. According to American Academy, Asthma and Immunology, 80 percent of children with this allergy will outgrow when they reach the age group of 16. Approximately 2.5 percent of infants below the age of 3 are hypersensitive to milk.

One of the best ways to avoid dairy allergy is to avoid foods that include milk products. Few processed products contain milk extracted items for their nutritional value and flavor, even these must be avoided.

Foods to Avoid with Dairy Allergy

As soon as you experience symptoms of dairy allergy, you must consult allergist for diagnosis. He/she will conduct necessary test and accordingly prescribe medication.

Unfortunately, these medicines can’t treat allergy permanently. If you ingest or come in contact with hypersensitive foods, then allergy triggers again.

So, one of the best way to treat them is to avoid foods that incorporate milk products or products derived from milk.

#1 Bread and Baked Foods

Lactalbumin, lactoglobulin or casein labeled prepackaged foods is derived from milk proteins. Parve or pareve label indicates that product doesn’t contain meat or dairy items. “K” with a circle or alone, “U” followed by “D” or “DE” indicates that it contains dairy products.

Breads, crackers and baked goods contain milk, butter and milk proteins, which must be avoided.

#2 Candy and Snack Foods

Milk chocolate, caramels, nougat and candies include milk products that can elicit dairy allergy symptoms. There are few other products which contain whey, casein and butter that can provoke allergy signs.

milk proteins included foods

#3 Commercial Fried Foods

Breads, fried foods like chicken and fish are coated with breaded foods. When they are ingested, histamines react with dairy items and results in allergic reaction.

According to Journal of American College of Nutrition, people who’re hypersensitive to cow’s milk can be allergic to dairy products.

Allergic reaction is normally triggered due to proteins, if foods you eat include milk proteins then it will result in allergic symptoms. Milk in all forms like skim, reduced fat, condensed, flavored and evaporated includes protein allergens.

Apart from this discuss with experts to know about the foods to avoid with dairy allergy

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