How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Carpet

You won’t believe your house is filled with millions of dust mites. Fortunately you can’t see them with your normal eye sight. Dust mites love moist, warm environment and they feed on your dead skin cells.

Carpets, bed, pillows and any warm place in your home or car is where dust mites habitat. Adult female mites lay up to 40 to 80 eggs in her lifetime. Life cycle of these microorganisms ends in 4 months. You can’t completely get rid of dust mites, but you can minimize its multiplying number.

The dust you see in your home is from your dead cells and from these dust mites. Actually, dust mites are not harmful. It’s the waste they produce after feeding on your flaky skin causes allergy reaction. A study conducted by Darryl C. Zeldin states that about 18% to 30% of Americans are allergic to dust mite’s waste product.

When you come in contact with these allergens, irritation is triggered causing hay fever, cold allergy, asthma, eczema and other ailments. Though you can get rid of allergic symptoms with home remedies, but best way is to prevent them in the initial stages.

After mattress or bedding, carpets are common places where these microscopic organisms habitat. Practicing a hygienic life style is one the best way to prevent dust mites.

How you can get rid of dust mites in carpets?

dust mites & carpet

There are many ways dust mites may invade carpets. One of the common ways is through pets, human and other substances. While cleaning bed, we drop all bedding over the carpet. So the dust mites living in pillows may get into the carpet.

Dust mite accounts 10% of old pillow’s weight. It’s filled with dead organisms, only way to get rid of them is to throw it away. These microorganisms need no water to survive; they take it from atmosphere and feed on animal dander and human flaky skin.

  • Studies conclude that cleaning pillows and bed with a vacuum cleaner can reduce the number of dust mites. Get a HEPA vacuum cleaner and clean carpet regularly. While vacuum cleaning wear a mask to avoid allergens entering your body through nose.
  • As these microorganisms feed on animal dander, don’t allow your pets in bed room and on carpet. Comb and clean your pets 3-4 times in a week and give them bath.
  • Wash your carpets with hot water and dry them in hot dryer or under sun. So that the dust mites who survived from washing can be removed.
  • As mentioned above, house dust mites multiply in moist environment. Bring humidifier and set humidity less than 50 percent. It makes unfavorable environment for these organisms and they get killed.
  • Cover your mattress and carpets in dust proof and allergens impermeable covers. You can get this from local bedding stores.
  • If possible replace wall-to-wall carpets with tiles or wood. So that you can successfully restrain allergens habitat.
  • Clean the floor using damp cloth so that it removes dust and other impurities on which dust mites may feed.
  • Experts also recommend using Venetian blinds to your bed room to avoid these allergens.
  • Else, call a professional who can handle this task.

Researchers have different opinions on using these prevent measures, some say that it has very little effect on allergens, while other studies had proved to be effective.

Dr. Platts Mills say that dust mite allergy is common in children and sometimes may develop asthma. So as soon as any one of you experience symptoms like nasal congestion, repeated sneezing, sinus headache or scratchy eyes reach your doctor for diagnosis.

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