15 Home Remedies for Cold Allergy


home remedies for cold allergy

It’s embarrassing to clean stuffy nose in-front of a group of people. Things get worse when you’re in an important meeting and your running nose interrupts you continuously.

Well, you don’t have to cancel the meeting. Consider home available remedies for cold allergy and you’re done. Unlike, store brought drugs home remedies are cheap, effective and have no or less side-effects.

Depending on allergen and people, allergic reaction is triggered. Every seasonal change triggers different allergic reaction in millions of people. Though few allergic reactions are life-threatening and must bring it to doctor’s attention, most allergies like cold, cough and other seasonal allergy can be treated at home.

Below listed are home available ingredients to treat seasonal allergies.

Home Remedies for Cold Allergy

Cold allergy is different from normal cold. Cold is triggered when a virus enters your body to stimulate infection. It may happen in winter, but allergic cold can effect anytime in the year. But both are accompanied by postnasal drip.

You must remove irritants to relive from this allergic reaction. Here are few home remedies that can help you.

1. Steam Your Face

Inhaling steam can bring instant relief from stuffy nose. Just boil some water in a big bowl and drop some peppermint oil to it. Make sure to cover your head with towel and inhale the steam.

Be careful and make sure you don’t burn your nose. If you’re trying this for first time, then you may find it very difficult to inhale. Don’t stop trying; Repeat it 2-3 times a day.

2. Sniff Saline Solution

Removing irritants can instantly treat cold allergy. A study concludes that saline solution can effectively reduce inflammation. Allergic irritants residing in nose increase inflammation. Dropping anti-inflammatory solution will relieve you from cold allergy.

Get saline solution from local drug store and sniff or drop one drop of solution in your nostrils. Repeat it daily.

3. Drink Peppermint Tea

sneezing cold allergy

This essential oil acts as decongestant and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation caused by allergic reaction. Having a sip of hot peppermint tea will give you relief from clogged nose and irritated mucous membrane.

Ginger tea for cold and cough allergy is very effective. You can also try other herbal tea remedies to get relief from cold.

4. Avoid Irritants

Breathing polluted air, tobacco and other impurities may increase allergic reaction. Practice hygienic lifestyle; wash your face and hands after coming from outside. Don’ share clothes, towels or shoes.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Hydrating yourself will break up congestion and makes your dry throat moist. Not just water, you can drink drinks, fruit juice and ginger ale.

6. Blow Your Nose

Clean that mucus right away by pressing one nostril. Sniffing mucus inside the brain may sometimes lead to earache, because it reaches ear passages when you sniff in the wrong way.

7. Gargle with Warm Salt Water

Cold allergy makes your throat dry and scratchy. Mix some salt in warm water and gargle it 3-4 times a day. Best time is in the morning, before having breakfast.

8. Stay Warm

Avoid cold drinks and wear sweater or cover yourself with blankets. Keeping yourself warm will help your body fight germs and you’ll feel relaxed.Avoid moving out of bed, if you do so then make sure you are fully covered.

Get a dehumidifier to stop dust mites and other irritants from multiplying.

9. Mentholated Salve

Use a cloth or dab under your nose with mentholated salve. This will opens up breathing. Apart from this, you can try other salve that includes eucalyptus, camphor as ingredients.

10. Drink Hot Liquids

Hot tea will relieve you from congestion and soothe inflammation in your nose. You can’t sleep at night with stuffy nose and congestion.

Make a hot herbal tea and optionally add 1 tea spoon of raw honey to it. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties in honey will reduce inflammation and restrain bacterial infection.

11. Honey

Honey has got antioxident properties which is very much effective in treating cold and sore throat. Inorder to get fast relief from cold use raw honey or organic honey. You can either have a tea spoon of honey directly or add it in a cup of hot milk and drink.

12. Turmeric milk

Turmeric is rich in antibiotic and antioxidant properties. It is one of the most easiest and effective way to get rid of cold. All you need to do is add half a teaspoon of turmeric to a cup of warm milk and sip it.

13. Black pepper

Black pepper is very effective for cold as it will stem the flow of mucus and even stops sneezing. It also helps in relieving sore throat. In order to use this remedy you need to take half a teaspoon of black pepper and add it in one cup of luke warm water. Stir this well and sip this concoction, if you feel the need then do repeat this process twice or thrice a day.

14. Hot soup

Hot soup is most liked when in cold. You can go for either vegetable soup or chicken soup, choice is yours. Home made chicken soup is best to treat cold. Hot soup will help to flow out the nose as the fumes of the soup will make the mucus thin.

15. Cinnamon

This age old used remedy has got antiviral as well as anti inflamatory properties that helps in giving you relief from the effects of cold. In order to implement this remedy all you have to do is take half a teaspoon of cinnamon and one table spoon of honey. Mix both the ingretients very well and then have it. Repeat this daily until cold effect has gone.

You can try anyone of these home remedies for cold allergy. With above mentioned remedies your can effectively soothe your throat and treat cough allergy too. You’re advised to change your lifestyle to prevent irritants invading your body. Not just healthy and nutritious diet, you must follow hygienic life.

Stay away from all irritants and regularly have herbal tea. As it is packed with innate ingredients, you’ll be benefited from its exceptional nutrients.

15 home remedies for cold allergy

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