Jalapeno Pepper Allergy


Jalapeño pepper adds spicy taste to your food. You can’t expect Mexican dishes without this hot pepper. Color of this peppers range from dark green to red when they ripe. This innocent looking pepper can irritate your skin and digestive system if you can’t handle the heat, in other words in triggers jalapeno pepper allergy.

Jalapenos peppers belong to the Capsaicin family, towards which the Capsicum belongs. These peppers are also known throughout the world and used in various delicacies. Jalapenos peppers are spicy peppers and may cause allergic reactions in some people.

When Jalapenos peppers are in raw form, they are more allergic. The seeds in addition to ribs of the sprinkle make it spicy and compound substance which makes it spicy is capsaicin.

Why do we get pepper Allergy?

Jalapeno Pepper Allergy

Opening obsession to be unspoken is that allergy is an auto immune response of the body. The proteins in pepper may be superficial by the impervious system as a threat in some persons. The body produces antibodies acknowledged as the IgE antibodies. These antibodies react and bind with the protein.

This meticulous occasion triggers the immune system which responds by producing large amounts of histamine from the ship’s mast cells of the skin, gut and pharynx. Histamine is the main culprit behind the symptoms which are seen in allergies. Histamines can dilate blood vessels causing inflammation.

It can wind somebody up nerve endings bringing forth skin reactions. Extreme sneezing is also a protective reflex of the body to get the excess histamine out of the system.

It belongs to Capscium family, seeds and ribs of this pepper make it spicy. Capsaicin is a chemical found in most peppers, which is responsible for heat. The heat can burn your lips, hands, mouth, tongue and digestive system.

Jalapeno Pepper Allergy Symptoms

An allergy reaction triggers when external substances enter your body and to combat them your immune system releases antibodies. The chemical reaction erupts and leads to different allergic reactions.

The active chemical substance in this pepper can irritate mucus membrane in mouth, nose and eyes. It can also lead to skin irritation.

When your skin comes in contact with sliced pepper your skin starts burning. When you repeatedly come in contact with its juice the irritation intensifies. So you must wear gloves while handling jalapeno pepper.
jalapeno pepper allergy

Other symptoms of this allergy include

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Migraines
  • Scratchy throat
  • Swelling of face
  • Watery eyes
  • Acid reflux
  • Breathing problem
  • Wheezing

As soon as you touch sliced pepper, rub your hand with olive oil or milk. Properties in these remedies will disperse the chemical substance that triggers burning sensation. Take Bromelain enzyme and vitamin C doses to avoid allergic reaction in digestive system. Eating papaya can give you relief from burning sensation in stomach.

How to avoid Jalapenos Allergy

Some ways to avoid jalapenos allergy includes avoiding peppers.

  • Eating a papaya will reduce digestion problems.
  • Vitamin C can be taken in doses of 1000 mg to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Bromelain enzyme can be taken to avoid digestion problems.
  • Wear gloves while cooking jalapenos.

The above are few allergic symptoms of jalapenos and their cure.

Painful Urination

Since Jalapenos are naturally spicy and hot in the nature, they can literally cause pain from the time you ingest them until they exit your body. Spicy foods, such as jalapenos, also irritate the bladder. The amount of irritation can vary from the person to person, but it may bother you enough that you definitely notice.

It’s unknown as to exactly why jalapenos and other spicy foods cause bladder irritation. Once bladder irritation occurs, it may cause painful urination.

Home Remedies

Even though you may be tempted to rush to the kitchen sink upon realizing that your skin feels as though it’s burning, washing your hands with soap and water provides very little relief. Natural home remedies to lessen the pain include methodically rubbing your hands with olive oil or milk.

The overweight in these merchandise helps to disperse the capsaicin on your skin and provide relief. To avoid the risk of lung irritation, get ready your jalapenos pepper in a well- ventilated area.

Treatment of the Condition

  • Handling is mainly done with oral antihistamine obtainable over the counter and with recommendation as well. Medications like Allegra, Claritin go a long way in relieving symptoms.
  • Decongestants also are very effective in treating the said allergy symptoms.
  • A combination of antihistamine and decongestant works well too in treating symptoms.
  • Topical ointments are generally advised for reactions on the skin.
  • In a state of anaphylaxis, an emergency shot of epinephrine needs to be administered.

Avoidance of Pepper Allergy

  • From time to time while cooking and dispensation peppers you may make it less potent.
  • Eliminating the food source which are causing allergies is the best solution.
  • Never handle raw peppers with bare hands.
  • One should beware of any cross contamination happening in the food you are eating.
  • Read labels well and insist on knowing the ingredients of the food while eating it out.

Best way to treat jalapeno pepper allergy is to avoid contact and handle them with latex gloves.

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