Lubricant Allergy Symptoms


It’s embarrassing to scratch genitals in public places. When your genitals are affected by allergens they turn inflamed and painful. Normally, bacteria are the main reason for itching and the odor smell you get. But, in some cases it can be lubricant allergy or latex allergy.

This type of allergy is commonly triggered due to use of lubricated condoms. Symptoms of this allergic reaction may include skin rashes and inflammation. Latex used in condoms kill sperm cells to provide lubricated intercourse, but sensitive partners may experience allergic reaction.

Latex is extracted from rubber tree and is used in different products like rubber band, gloves, shoes, toys and etc… So if you’re sensitive to latex you’re advised to stay away from its use.

Lubricant Allergy Symptoms

An allergic reaction triggers when you come in contact with latex. Symptoms may range from mild to life-threatening. To know if you’re suffering with this allergic reaction, check for below mentioned symptoms.

  • Vagina becomes itchy, red and swollen.
  • Dryness or eczema flare-ups may appear over genitals.
  • Balanitis occurs in men, penis becomes red, swollen and inflamed.
  • May experience lumpy discharge under the foreskin due to latex allergy.
  • Blisters may appear over genitals.
  • Other common symptoms include watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and itching.

Apart from this, you may suffer other symptoms. Experts advise to write down symptoms experience and its severity, so that it can be useful to doctor while diagnosis.

Avoid scratching repeatedly, this may increase the infection. Consult the doctor immediately, if you see no change in 3 days after using over the counter medicines to soothe itching.

Severity of this allergic reaction may lead to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening state. This include, sudden drop in blood pressure, weak pulse, unconsciousness, slurred speech, chest tightening, breathing trouble, confusion, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and death.

Experts recommend staying away from latex products and also avoiding inhaling them. Using anti-histamine will reveal you from inflammation and may reduce the affect of allergic reaction.

Apart from latex, people may be allergic to chemicals used in condoms to kill sperm cells. As mentioned these irritants may trigger mild skin rash to serious infections like yeast or urinary tract infection.

To avoid lubricant allergy one must either avoid using it or consult doctor for suggestion.



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