Nut Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


Commonly nuts and peanuts can be causing you allergic reactions that sometimes also become severe. A reaction to the nuts is called anaphylaxis and this can also be life-threatening.

Symptoms of  nuts allergy often start rapidly to appears, that to within an hour of consuming  nuts and sometimes within minutes in some people.

Avoiding the foods that contains nuts will be preventing an allergic reaction. But if you do come into contact with nuts and a reaction starts in your body then it should be treated quickly, which will be helping you to minimise the risks to you.

If you are having a severe allergic reaction then, if accessible gives physically an adrenaline injection (epinephrine) and also you can immediately call an ambulance. If you are well prepared and take actions very hurriedly then the risk of suffering any serious inconvenience is small for you.

What is Nut Allergy?

nuts allergy

An allergy which will be occurring when your body’s immune system over reacts to a substance, which are called as allergens. Most of the allergens are not obviously harmful and they are also having no sound effects on the people who are not allergic to them. Allergic reactions to the allergens can be varying from mild to life-threatening.

When any one of you come in contact with something that you are allergic to, then a group of the cells in your body which are called as mast cells will be realising a substance called as Histamine.

Histamine can cause the tiny blood vessels in tissues of your body to leak fluid which is causing the tissues swollen. Both Tree nuts and peanuts can act as allergens and even they can cause an allergic reaction in some of the people.

These will be resulting in a number of different symptoms. Normally peanuts are not nuts; they are legumes, in the same family as peas and the beans.

Symptoms of Nuts Allergy


Allergic reactions to the nuts can be changing  beginning from mild to very severe and from time to time it can be life-threatening. The symptoms of the nuts allergy often commence very rapidly, within an hour of having a contact with nuts, and sometimes it can be occurring within minutes.

Signs and Symptoms of a Mild Allergic Reaction can include:

  • Face swelling
  • Feeling sick
  • Mouth and lips tingling
  • Hives or nettle rash
  • Colicky pains in abdomen
  • Feeling tightness in throat.

Signs and Symptoms of a More Severe Allergic Reaction can include:

  • Difficulty in breathing due to asthma
  • Wheezing
  • A sense of impending doom
  • Dilation of your blood vessels, which can also cause: General redness of your skin, a fast heart rate, low blood pressure etc.

What Causes Nut Allergy?

If you are allergic to nuts and come in contact with the nuts, then your immune system reacts and prepares to fight. Conversely, you do not obtain any symptoms of the reaction. It is only at the time when you come into contact with the nuts for a second time that a full allergic reaction can happen to you.

Most of the children those who are allergic to nuts are having the symptoms of an allergic reaction, when they come into sight be open to the elements of the nuts for the first time.

Though, this is most likely to be not there in the first exposure, but it can be there in the second reaction. They may previously have come into contact with nuts through their mouth, through either of the following:

  • Whilst they were in the womb (uterus).
  • Through breast milk if they were breast feeding.

Most of the peoples with the nut allergy act in response after they are coming into contact with small amounts of the allergens and some of the people may also react to trace amounts. This means that you don’t forever have to eat nuts to have a reaction.

A few people are so sensitive to nut allergens that a tiny amount on their lips is touched soon they experience the reaction. Or even sometimes by standing close to the person those who are eating nuts or peanuts, can be just enough to start the reaction.

Treatment for Nut Allergies

The simple treatment for food allergies is to avoid the foods that causes you nuts allergy. Even if you are careful, it is difficult to avoid all the contact with a specific food.

If you are at danger of a relentless allergic reaction and you have been prearranged an adrenaline (epinephrine) auto injector such as EpiPen, ASCIA suggested that you have an accomplishment sketch for anaphylaxis.

If you are not at high risk and you have not prearranged an adrenaline auto injector, ASCIA recommends that you have an ASCIA accomplishment plan for allergic reaction.

Imprecise diagnosis can be leading too costly and ineffective treatments and this is unnecessary food avoidance, which can be leading to malnutrition and foods aversion, especially in the children’s.

Always you must first speak to your doctor about your food allergy diagnosis and also the treatment options.

nuts allergy


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