Milk Allergy – Foods to Avoid

milk allergies and foods to avoid

Milk allergy is one of the type of food allergies, milk allergy is an adverse immune reaction to one or more of the constituents of the milk from any animal, most commonly from cow’s milk. Milk allergy is most common among young children and infants. Sensitivity to the cow’s milk will be varying from one […]

Blue Dye Allergy Symptoms

blue dye allergy

It’s enticing to see food filled with red, yellow or blue dye. But, did you ever think how food dyes affect your family’s health? Other than color, food dyes are used for different flavors. I know you can’t expect a candy without delicious color. But, don’t you think you must know how these food dyes […]

Nail Polish Allergy – Fingernail and Toenail Infection


Everyone yields to look good, especially women. They want to get enticing appearance that gets all eye balls. Apart from being attractive, manicure and pedicure are needed to keep your nails hygiene. But, if your skin or nails are sensitive to any of the ingredients in the manicure, you’ll experience an allergic reaction. Nail polish […]

Can Stress Cause Migraine?


Migraine is one of the most common problem faced by almost all age group of people. It is basically a medical condition wherein people affected will suffer from mild to severe head ace on one or both sides of head. There is no specific definition of stress because it is very personal phenomenon. There are […]

Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


Dust mite allergy is an allergic reaction to minute germs that usually conscious in house dust. The sings of the dust mite allergy comprise those mutual to hay fever, such as sneezing and also the runny nose. Now a day’s many people are suffering from the dust mite allergy and also they are experiencing the […]

Cilantro Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

Cilanto Allergy

Cilantro is a lacy leafed herb that is used to flavour foods and it is famous in Tex-Mex dishes in scrupulous. Cilantro resembles coriander but it has much extra consuming odor and also the taste. Its seeds are well known as coriander and they are passing on with a dissimilar flavour than cilantro and this […]

Mollusk Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

Mollusk Allergy

Mollusk allergy is a subordinate separation of the shellfish allergy. A shellfish allergy is occurring mostly in the adults and in the United States unlike other allergies. It will be mostly occurring in two course of food; molluscs and crustaceans. Mollusks are counting clams, oysters and mussels. Crustaceans are including the crabs, shrimps which are […]