Lentil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

lentil allergy

Lentils belong to legumes family and can be included in beans and peanut family. If you’re hypersensitive to peanuts, then probably you’ll get lentil allergy. Before that, let’s check out nutritional profile of this pulse. After soybeans, lentils has highest ratio of protein per calorie. Nutrients like fiber, proteins, folate, thiamin, phosphorous, iron and zinc […]

Bed Bug Allergy Symptoms


Bed bugs are the tiny insect that sucks human blood. They are usually present along the bed side, on furniture, mattress, couch, curtains, inside the cracks on walls and any other dark area. The survival of bed bugs depends wholly on human blood. Always keeping your home neat and clean doesn’t mean that your home […]

7 Allergies You Don’t Believe Exist


The adverse reaction between the irritant and immune system leads to allergy symptoms. Varying from person to person, this irritant can be anything. I mean anything, you’ll be surprised to know allergens. Some extremely rare allergies are listed below. #1 Semen The seminal fluid can be hypersensitive in few people. Thank God its rare. A […]

Lavender Oil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

lavender oil allergy

Lavender oil allergy. Can you imagine the oil which is renowned to reduce allergic symptoms and for its soothing properties in aromatherapy will itself trigger allergy? Is it possible? Experts say, yes it’s possible. Even pure and highly prominent quality essential oils can cause allergic reaction. Though organic lavender oil is free from synthetic preservatives, […]

Nutmeg Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

nutmeg allergy symptoms

Let me first burst this myth; nutmeg doesn’t belong to tree nut family and has no proteins identical to them. So people with nut allergy can try this spice. Anyway, there are few cases where nutmeg allergy symptoms like asthma and contact dermatitis are found. An allergy triggers either by physical contact or by consuming […]

Sesame Allergy Symptoms


Sesame allergy is basically due to sesame seeds and sesame oil which are used in preparing most of the dishes especially in Asian and Arab countries. This seed comes in two varieties one is milky white in colour and another one is black in colour. Although sesame allergy is not so common but it’s on […]

Mascara Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

mascara allergy

Cosmetic products are incorporated with chemical preservatives that can damage your sensitive skin. Mascara allergy is mainly triggered due to chemical compositions. Alluring fragrance and synthetic colors irritate your eye lashes. Media and marketing companies are promoting gorgeous girls with attractive eyes. As women are more concerned about their looks than men, most people are […]