Ginger for Cough – Home Remedy

ginger for cough

Cough is not a disease but a process through which your body removes foreign irritants. It is the most common health problem faced all over the world. There are different causes of cough namely, viral illnesses, nasal discharge, smoking and asthma. (1) Using different home remedies you can reduce this symptom. Ginger for cough is […]

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in a Room

How many dust mites do you think habituating in your room and particularly on your bed? Don’t freak! There are millions and billions of dust mites in your room, on bed and under carpets. Dr. Lisa Ackerley says dust mites love warm and moist environments. The female mated dust mite lives up to 70 days […]

Raspberry Allergy Symptoms

raspberry allergy

Nasal congestion, sneezing, headache and skin rashes are few symptoms of raspberry allergies. It’s an edible fruit that belongs to rose family. Most plants are packed with salicylates, a chemical that acts as preservative. People who’re allergy to salicylates are often sensitive to foods that include this chemical. Though FDA didn’t include raspberry to the […]

Local Honey and Hay Fever

local honey for hay fever

Hay fever is an allergic reaction which is triggered when your immune system attacks allergens. This collision between antibodies released by immune system and allergen produces histamine. Histamine spreads to blood tissues and is often irritating causing itching and swelling. Hay fever is mainly caused by pollen from flowers. In few cases dust allergy can […]