Wasp Sting Allergy Symptoms

wasp sting allergy symptoms

Wasp carries venom in their sting as self-defense; about 10 percent of people have reaction when wasp stung them. Wasp sting allergy symptoms lead to mild and severe conditions. 1 in 150 children and 3 in 100 adults experience this insect sting allergy. Even with no treatment, most people will recover from this allergic reaction. […]

Lettuce Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

lettuce allergy

Adverse reaction between food allergen and immune system results in various allergic symptoms. Lettuce allergy is not common but it does occur. Food allergies like nuts, eggs and shellfish are well known and a great percentage of Americans are hypersensitive to them. Note: As soon as you see abnormal symptoms after eating lettuce, consult doctor […]

Foods to Avoid with Milk Allergy

foods to avoid with milk allergy

To treat an allergy, you must stop consuming irritants. Dairy products are used in included in various products. In this article I’ll discuss on foods to avoid with milk allergy. 2 to 3 percent of babies under the age of 3 are allergic to milk. About 20 percent of them will outgrow the allergy by […]

Cottonseed Oil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

cottonseed oil allergy

Cottonseed oil is one of among the prominent vegetable oil used extensively for frying and baking. Though there are benefits and harmful effects of cottonseed oil, bakers use them. Besides being nutritious, in few people this edible oil can trigger allergic reaction. Cottonseed oil allergy is uncommon when compared to other food allergies. Symptoms of […]

Lentil Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

lentil allergy

Lentils belong to legumes family and can be included in beans and peanut family. If you’re hypersensitive to peanuts, then probably you’ll get lentil allergy. Before that, let’s check out nutritional profile of this pulse. After soybeans, lentils has highest ratio of protein per calorie. Nutrients like fiber, proteins, folate, thiamin, phosphorous, iron and zinc […]

Bed Bug Allergy Symptoms


Bed bugs are the tiny insect that sucks human blood. They are usually present along the bed side, on furniture, mattress, couch, curtains, inside the cracks on walls and any other dark area. The survival of bed bugs depends wholly on human blood. Always keeping your home neat and clean doesn’t mean that your home […]

7 Allergies You Don’t Believe Exist


The adverse reaction between the irritant and immune system leads to allergy symptoms. Varying from person to person, this irritant can be anything. I mean anything, you’ll be surprised to know allergens. Some extremely rare allergies are listed below. #1 Semen The seminal fluid can be hypersensitive in few people. Thank God its rare. A […]