Chamomile Allergy Symptoms

chamomile allergy

For thousands of years chamomile has been used to soothe various health and skin ailments. There are two types of chamomile namely German chamomile and Roman chamomile. Americans extensively use German chamomile for upset stomach, mouth ulcers, diarrhea and sleeplessness. However, reports state that it can trigger allergic reaction in few people. Chamomile allergy symptoms […]

Coconut Allergy Symptoms


One of the rare kinds of food allergies is coconut allergy. Not only the coconut but also coconut water and coconut milk can cause allergy. The protein present in coconut can lead to abnormal reactions to your immune system causing coconut allergy. If a person whose immune system is weak or if a person is […]

Poppy Seed Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

poppy seed allergy

Poppy seed allergy is one of the most common peanut allergy common among infants and adults. It’s very difficult to avoid this food allergy because most bakery and spicy dishes include proteins of poppy seed. Reaction triggers when a certain protein comes in contact with body. Your immune system to fight these foreign substances releases […]

Sun Allergy Symptoms

sun allergy symptoms

Sunlight is very essential for human existence but in some cases sunlight can cause skin damage. Sun allergy is basically caused due to excess exposure to sunlight. Sunburn, tan skin, redness of skin is the causes of sun allergy symptoms. In some extreme cases too much of sunlight can cause skin cancer. If a person […]

Eye Makeup Allergy Symptoms

eye makeup allergy

You aren’t for a party without beautiful eyes. It expresses your views and can do thousand things, which your fingers can’t do. Setting a path, models use eye makeup for enticing eyes. Most women who’re more concerned about their looks are taking the same path. Millions of products are manufacturing and millions are using it […]

Sunscreen Allergy

sunscreen allergy

As temperature soaring, along with your body skin becomes dry due to dehydration. To beat the heat we take nutritious and water rich diet. Likewise to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, you must wear sunscreen creams that help to maintain pH level of the skin. Studies show that regular use of sunscreen cream […]

Air Conditioner Allergy

air conditioner allergy

With torrid weather, one can’t expect life without air conditioners. Apart from giving you a cool breeze, air conditioners make your electricity bill to go beyond the budget. You may adjust with it, but when you frequently get exposed to this cool breeze it may bung your nose and throat. Experiencing allergy in spring and […]