Hair Dye Allergy Symptoms


Both men and women use hair dye to conceal grey hair and maintain their youthful appearance. From past 20 years, use of hair color increased exponentially. Studies in US reveals 25% increase in men using hair color. Identical studies are found in other parts of the World. If you too frequently use hair color, then […]

Benefits of Honey for Asthma

Benefits of Honey for Asthma

Generally local honey is said to be natural ingredient that works best for the allergies. There are some persons who use honey for asthma relief and lighten the symptoms of their sensitivities. Asthma is a long-lasting disorder which distresses the airways in your lungs. Asthma attack will affect your airways and make them constricted and […]

Feather Allergy


  Feather allergy is not so common among people. It is very rare that people develop allergic reactions to feather pillows and mattresses. Dust mite allergy is often misinterpreted as feather allergy. Most of the people who develop allergic reactions tend to change their bedding and feel comfortable and relaxed and after changing. Symptoms of […]

Ginger For Asthma

Asthma_Photo credit - YouTube_Food supplements for Asthma

One of the most common and chronic respiratory problem is asthma which gives you trouble in breathing. When you breath in oxygen, it passes through airpipe and reaches the lungs through bronchi. When the airpipe becomes narrow due to excess mocuos, it causes difficulty in breathing which leads to asthma. If you want to be […]

Monosodium Glutamate Allergy


Monosodium glutamate, usually known s MSG is a flavour enhancing agent used in food items. MSG is mostly used in the preperation of chinese cuisines. Most people do believe that MSG causes allergic reactions but it is still to be proved. Many researchers after doing decades of research failed to find out the link between […]

15 Home Remedies for Cold Allergy

home remedies for cold allergy

It’s embarrassing to clean stuffy nose in-front of a group of people. Things get worse when you’re in an important meeting and your running nose interrupts you continuously. Well, you don’t have to cancel the meeting. Consider home available remedies for cold allergy and you’re done. Unlike, store brought drugs home remedies are cheap, effective […]