Pollen Allergy Symptoms


Nowadays pollen is becoming a major cause of allergy in most of the countries, especially in the United States.

Today we will discuss and understand pollen allergy symptoms and how does it affect an individual and cause pollen allergy. So let’s know what pollen allergy is and what the impact of pollen grains on the immune system.

What Is a Pollen Allergy?

Pollen is produced from flowers, trees, and weeds and grasses and is a fine powder utilized for fertilization of the other plants of the same species. Some individuals have a drastic negative impact on immune system while breathing in presence of pollen.

The immune system functions to fight against the foreign materials and protects the body from the invasion of viruses; bacteria etc. A person who is suffering from pollen allergies, in that case, the immune system of sufferer identifies pollen as a dangerous foreign material and secretes chemicals to fight against harmless pollen.

This reaction is known allergic reaction and the pollen, in this case, is known as an allergen. Such type of allergy causes numerous symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, watery eyes etc.

 Different Types of Pollen Allergies

There are numerous kinds of plants species which releases pollen and may cause allergy. Here I’m mentioning some different types of pollen allergies.

Birch Pollen Allergy

Birch pollen allergy is a type of allergens caused during the spring when plants or tree bloom small grains of pollen are released which are spread through air. It is estimated that about five million pollen grains are scattered from a tree which can be a cause of pollen allergy.

Oak Pollen Allergy

Oak tree allergens are pollen grains which spread through the help of air and can cause allergy. However, it is mild allergic compared to other pollens. This allergens also like birch pollen spread in the spring season.

Grass Pollen Allergy

Grass pollen allergy is a type of allergens caused during the summer seasons. This can affect lungs and immune system and cause discomfort in the body. Nausea, vomiting, is some of the symptoms of pollen allergy. Do you know what pollen allergy symptoms are actually and how does it affect the physiological system? Let us understand it in brief:-

Symptoms of Pollen Allergy?

Pollen Allergy Symptoms

Pollen allergy symptoms most often include

  • Nasal congestion which results in difficult breathing
  • Sinus can occur if an individual has a pollen allergy and can cause a headache, facial etc.
  • A stuffy nose can trigger if anyone is suffering from pollen allergy.
  • watery eyes, itchy eyes are a major symptom of pollen allergy
  • A sore throat can result from pollen allergy.
  • A cough, cold and breathing pollen can arise from this allergen.
  • Swollen face
  • Decreased taste or smell receptors
  • Enhanced asthmatic reactions

Pollen grains cause nose and hay fever symptoms which affect the lungs and trigger asthma.  Chemical released by allergy cells in the nose and or lungs causes the symptoms.

Pollen allergy leads to nasal congestion or worsening asthma over time. Some individuals have a serious illness can cause symptoms which include severe wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath, mostly like asthma.

How Is a Pollen Allergy Diagnosed?

Pollen allergy symptoms are different in every individual can affect the respiratory system, skin, digestive system and heart can develop at any age group.

If anyone is suspected of pollen allergy should consult with an allergist. According to medical condition, some tests are performed, which analyze and determine the allergy existence.

To diagnose the allergy, doctors ask about the medical history like as follows

  • What food and in what quantity consumed.
  • In what duration the symptoms took place.
  • What were the symptoms and for what duration they were?

The doctors suggest for a blood test or skin test which indicates the presence of immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in the body.

  • Skin tests are performed for 20 minutes. The skin mostly of arm or back is pricked which contains a small amount of the food allergen. The tests are considered positive which are generally not painful but could be uncomfortable.
  • Blood tests are performed to know the amount of IgE antibody for the allergic foods. Reports can be seen after one or two weeks which consist of a numerical figure.


There is no cure for allergies. But you can reduce your allergy symptoms by avoiding contact with the pollen grain. Outdoor activities can be limited to reduce allergens which get enhanced outside generally.

The inhalation of pollen can be reduced by minimizing outdoor activities. A dust mask can be used to avoid pollen grains and during gardening, there is a chance of inhalation of pollen, hence specific precaution should be taken.

Home Remedies

There are some home remedies which can be used to prevent pollen allergy. A squeeze bottle can be used to remove pollen from the nose to avoid allergy.

  • Herbs and extracts can be used.
  • Clothes can be dried in a dryer instead of drying in a cloth line.
  • The air conditioner can be used in cars and homes.

Pollen allergy reactions can be fatal if not treated or considered early. Sometimes, if an individual is allergic to pollen grains in such case, patients need to take care of their health and seek the help of the consultant if required. Some health centers or research center works for Pollen Allergy and offers to counsel to individuals to manage food allergies.


From the above article, we can conclude that pollen allergy can arise at any age group of individuals. But the matter of fact is that if you have allergy from certain pollen can avoid the consumption or can consult with the doctors.

Pollen grains are harmless but if a person is allergic to pollen grains then their immune system assumes the pollen grains as a foreign material. Then immune system fight against foreign materials and releases a chemical to protect the body from viruses, fungi etc.

Dear readers, if you know the other aspects or medical conditions caused due to pollen grains. If you are also suffering from pollen allergy symptoms can consult with the doctors. You can also share your suggestion, feedback so that we can improve our article.


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