Prune Allergy Symptoms and Side Effects


Prunes belong to the family of plum. Prunes are sold in the markets mostly in the form of dried fruits. Away from each other prunes are being used as a laxative, prunes are also used in the number of sweetie and spicy dishes like stewed prune, puddings, tzimmes, soups & sugar plums and stuffing.

Prunes are constantly dried plums no matter the method to use to make them. Conversely not all plums are made into the prunes. Many of the commercial prunes are now being called as “dried plums”. As prunes are from the plums family, so generally they called as “dried plums”.

Prunes also known to help and maintain the bowel regularity and alleviate the constipation, these are really just the plums that have been dried. The following are the allergy symptoms that are caused by prune fruit if you are allergic to it.

prune allergy

Symptoms of Prune Allergy

Prune allergy symptoms may be called as Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS).

  • Asthma symptoms, such as trouble breathing and wheezing.
  • Headaches
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Changes in the skin colour.
  • Hives, skin rashes and itching.
  • Swelling of the hands, face and feet.
  • Stomach pain.

Symptoms of prune Allergy

Side Effects of  Prune Allergy

The following are the side effects of  Prune Allergy.

1 Acrylamide:

The concentration of an acrylamide that prunes contains is high, which is well thought out as a carcinogen and a neurotoxin. Acrylamide is not unsurprisingly found in the normal food. But when the food is cooked at a temperature above 100 °C, it is formed in the food. Prunes still contain a high amount of the acrylamide.

So using up of prunes is moderately safe, conversely, the carcinogenicity is a matter of the concern as prunes that are set up to be highly carcinogenic to animals experienced in the laboratory.

2 Laxative Dependency:

Mostly prunes are used as aggregative laxatives. Though, those people who are suffering from frequent constipation should not rely completely on prunes to clear their digestive system. This can lead to laxative dependence and after a convinced period of convention symptoms may be experienced.

3 Blood Sugar:

The concentration of the natural sugar in prunes is so high and overeating of this sugar can lead to blood sugar spear. It has a low glycemic index and it can also be paired with the foods that are having glycemic catalogue for a fewer theatrical change in the blood sugar.

4 Diarrhea:

Prunes contain high amount of sugar that is resulting in condition leading to painful abdominal cramps and diarrhea.  In some of the people who do not have dietary fructose intolerance can also get diarrhea on eating  the prune fruit. So an unfettered dose or eating too many prunes can be easily leading to diarrhea.

5 High Calorie:

As apparent from the nutritional value chart, 100 gm of the prunes contain 240 kCal of the energy. This value is very high calorific value for a fruit. We eat fattening foods all the time, but we expect the least of it in fruits.

This calorie content gets converted into fat in your body and this may lead to increase the fat in your body also increasing the weight. If you are taking 1 prune daily, then that can keep your daily calorie take in the intention.

prune allergy


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