7 Allergies You Don’t Believe Exist


The adverse reaction between the irritant and immune system leads to allergy symptoms. Varying from person to person, this irritant can be anything. I mean anything, you’ll be surprised to know allergens. Some extremely rare allergies are listed below.

#1 Semen


The seminal fluid can be hypersensitive in few people. Thank God its rare.

A study states that often semen allergy is misdiagnosed. The symptoms include swelling, burning and itching of vagina. Wonder how you can treat it?

Do more sex. Yes, you read that right. Researchers asked to intercourse every 48 hours. Successfully after 5 months, patience with this allergy relieved from this rare allergy.

#2 Sulfites in Beer and Wine


Sorry Beer lovers, you must stay away if you’re allergic to sulfite.

Based on FDA estimation, 1% of people in United States are sensitive to sulfite and 5 % of them experience asthmatic symptom. (1)

Based on their immune system reaction, few people may experience mild allergy while other may face serious conditions. Anyway, asthma and diarrhea are very rare.

#3 Sunlight


About 10-20% people in Western Europe and in America, experience photodermatosis. Symptoms include rash and hyperpigmentation. (2)

#4 Clothes


Depending on the material used in clothes, a bunch of allergic symptoms can be experienced.

Wool, cotton, fabric, chemical dyes, tanning agents, rubber material and other synthetic things. Allergen can be anything, you must identify it and avoid wearing clothes made of that particular material.

#5 Flip phones and Blackberries

flip phones

These mobiles are made of nickle or cobalt, which triggers allergy. Nickel can trigger contact dermatitis.

Flip phones, Blackberries, iPhone and Droids are subjected to test the availability of nickel and cobalt. Droids and iPhone are free from these irritants. Blackberries and flip phones showed 29.4% and 90.5% nickle respectively. (3)

People you’re hypersensitive to nickle and cobalt should stay away from these phones.

#6 Water


But, how?

A study states that people with Aquagenic Urticaria will experience wheals when submerged in water or take bath. People with this rare physical urticaria can drink water without any allergic reaction.

Causes of this uncommon allergy is not known, but theories hold salt and chemical concentration in water as culprits.

#7 Sweat


According a research team, substances in sweat may trigger hives or cholinergic urticaria on skin. But, its real cause is not known.

Are you surprised to know these rare allergies? Share your views in comments.

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