Side Effects of Cardamom



Cardamom seeds are used for culinary purpose because of its aromatic smell and health benefits. But, excess intake of this herbal supplement can lead to serious health disorders.

Majority people consume cardamom by dropping in tea, which helps in digestion and treat gastrointestinal problems. There are very less side effects of cardamom, but there are few hypersensitive people who may experience allergic reaction.

If you’re concerned about cardamom side effects, then discuss with your physician.

People who repeatedly chew this seed and those who intake excess amount may experience below listed side effects.

Gallbladder Issues

Research concludes that sue to excess intake of cardamom, digestive system fail to absorb them completely, as a result gallstones are formed. People who’ve gallbladder stones may experience pain in abdomen, as this herbal supplement cause spasms in gallbladder.

Patience with such health ailments must consult doctor before taking cardamom seeds.

Allergic Reaction Due to Cardamom

Excess or prolonged use of this herbal supplement may lead to different allergic reactions. Some of them are:

  • Contact dermatitis
  • Hives
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Respiratory issues
  • Chest pain
  • Swelling of skin
  • Uncomfortable feeling

People who experience any of the uncommon allergy symptoms must need immediate medical attention.

Drug Interaction with Cardamom

Ingredients packed in some drugs may react with cardamom and lead to serious health issues. If you’re under any medical course, then consult with your doctor about the intake of this herbal supplement.

Most people not knowing about the adverse reaction between the ingredients, use cardamom as mouth freshener, this may escalate the health ailment for which you’re taking the medicine.

Some of the drugs that may interact are HIV drugs, aspirin, gallstone medicines, liver medicines, irritable bowel syndrome and antidepressants drugs.


Though above listed side effects of cardamom are frightening, don’t afraid as chances are very less. But, make sure you consult with your physician regularly before taking any home ingredient.

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