How Vitamin C Works for Runny Nose?



Cold is the most common viral infection experienced 2-3 times a year by adults and half a dozen times by children. It all starts when an external substance enters your body and the immune system combat by releasing antibodies and histamines. The chemical reaction between histamines and foreign materials result in an allergic symptom.

Runny nose, sore throat, sneezing and nasal congestion are few notable symptoms. As it’s very common, there are different home remedies available to stop runny nose. Vitamin C is most renowned way that most people think can effectively work for runny nose.

It all started when a Noble prize winner touted the benefits of vitamin c for cold. He also claimed that heavy dosage of vitamin C can fight cancer and prevent heart disease. Lack of scientific evidence at that time left this statement unbiased.

There is no clear evidence to show that vitamin C can instantly stop runny nose. Unlike other remedies, vitamin C supplement helps to decrease the number of histamines in the blood. So it’s not going to be an overnight result. Decrease in number of histamine will slowly reduce allergic symptoms.

To dwell deep into its effect, a research was carried out by University of Helsinki with 11,000 people. The research concludes that vitamin C supplement slashed cold by 18 percent in children and 8 percent in adults.

Another study concludes that vitamin C did not reduce frequency of colds. (1) However, the severity of the cold can be decreased by vitamin C. Mean it may help to stop runny nose or reduce inflammation to some extent.

You can either take vitamin C supplement (consult doctor before taking) or take vitamin C rich food. Remember this will not give you instant relieve from cold.

Vitamin C lessen runny nose

Whenever a person is attacked by hay fever the histamine in the blood rises whereas the vitamin C level drops. If a persons immune system is week histamines are released when the person inhales dust or pollen. This leads to reactions like runny rose.

Anti histamine drugs usually blocks the histamine receptor whereas vitamin C doesn’t block it, which is the reason why to get quick relief. Vitamin C helps in lowering down the histamine level in blood. Thus, it is clear that vitamin C helps in lessening allergy symptoms over a long period of time.

Important note: Studies also show that regular consumption of vitamin C pills may increase the risk of kidney stones.

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