Watermelon Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis


watermelon allergy

Here’s the most significant information on sensitivity, crop ups every day because of overdose fruits

Everyone may feel surprised after reading this information that eating fruits can offer you some allergic reactions and one of these reactions which we are here to discuss is watermelon allergy.

Watermelon is a fat-free fruit and a decent supplement of Vitamins A, B6, and C. It similarly contains Potassium and the cell reinforcement plant Phytochemicals Lycopene and Citrulline. Lycopene is the thing that gives watermelon the pink, splendid red and now and a bit dark red shading.

Lycopene is an extremely solid antioxidant. The mineral potassium can help bring down blood pressure and furthermore helps the best possible working of all body organs. ThePphytochemical Citrulline promotes the heart and blood flow.

It is a hydrating fruit that confirms itself as a reviving bite to eat amid summer and early fall. In the event you have certain sensitivities, though, you might be defenseless to building up watermelon allergy.  Watermelon hypersensitivity is regularly connected with ragweed dust. In fact, as per Phadia AB, a producer of blood testing items utilized as a part of sensitivity determination, roughly 50 percent of individuals who have a hypersensitivity to watermelon are in addition adversely affected to ragweed.

In view of this, watermelon is a healthy fruit that can produce reactions if eaten in an excessive amount.

Over-Eating Watermelon

It has been found that eating 30 mg or a greater amount of lycopene every day can bring about symptoms. This includes:

Intestinal unsettling annoyance

Too much utilization of lycopene rich watermelons can bring about side effects like sickness, vomiting, looseness of the bowels, bloating, gas and heartburn. This can be more severe in the elderly, as their stomach related frameworks are more susceptible because of age.

Cardiovascular Problems

Watermelon contains a great amount of potassium. Three mugs of watermelons contain around 560 mg of potassium. Though, elevated amounts of potassium in the blood can bring about cardiovascular issues like unpredictable heartbeats and frail or missing heartbeat. High potassium levels can similarly influence the nervous system and motor control. This is all the more crucial for the individuals who experience the ill effects of kidney dysfunction, as their kidneys can’t drive out the abundance potassium.

Unfavorable allergic Reactions

A few people may create unfavorably susceptible responses to watermelon utilization, which can bring about gentle to extreme rashes, facial swelling, or anaphylaxis. Those distressing from sensitivity to latex, carrots, or cucumber might be more inclined to watermelon hypersensitivity.

Watermelon Intolerance

It is seen that people who have ragweed dust hypersensitivity additionally have watermelon sensitivity. This process is called an oral hypersensitivity disorder.

There are few foreign substances that involved in this allergy are Profilin, phosphate isomerase, and malate dehydrogenase.

Watermelon Allergy

Watermelon hypersensitivity is brought on when your immune system trusts that these three components are destructive to your body, which for other individuals is not actually. It responds to secure your body by delivering antibodies. They cause flows of undesirable unfavorably susceptible indications.

Watermelon Allergy Symptoms

Side effects of watermelon sensitivity: they are calm much of the time, once in a while they turn severe.

  • Eating watermelon can bring about tingling and swelling in the throat.
  • Swelling of the tongue.
  • Nasal release.
  • Vomiting
  • Loose bowels
  • Stomach spasms.

A hypersensitivity rash can frequently happen not long after ingestion of watermelon. There is serious tingling everywhere throughout the body. It additionally happens as an outcome of cross response with eating different melons, for example, musk melon, cucumber, bananas, and individuals having latex hypersensitivity.

Breathing trouble and sweat with low pulse. These side effects are because of anaphylactic shock, however, they are extremely uncommon.  Analyses can be affirmed by skin prick test and blood test.

Explanations behind Watermelon Allergy

Three particular proteins display in the watermelon have been distinguished as allergens. The body responds brutally when it identifies the nearness of malate dehydrogenase, profilin or triose phosphate isomerase that is available in the fruit. Histamine, a synthetic substance is discharged by the body and a particular counter acting agent known as IgE is made with a specific end goal to battle the allergens.

Utilization of cucumbers and being presented to honeydew or ragweed dust are additionally viewed as destructive for individuals who encounter hypersensitive responses subsequent to eating watermelons. The allergists additionally prescribe such patients to avoid eating bananas, oranges, celery, tomatoes and peaches as there are chances of cross-reactivity.

What to do for the treatment of allergy?

Anticipation of watermelon sensitivity manifestations

  • Abstain from eating cucumber, muskmelon, bananas, celery, tomatoes, kiwi, as they additionally convey the hints of ragweed dust in summer and early fall.
  • As there is no particular cure for hypersensitivity, your specialist may give you prescriptions to treat symptomatically.
  • To expand your insusceptible reaction, eat sustenance rich in vitamin C.


A person who is suffering from this allergy should avoid eating watermelon, particularly in the midst of ragweed season. Ragweed tidy is basic in the midst of the fall months. Dust and watermelon sensitivities should be taken care with the solution of antihistamines, which hinder the allergens from achieving any reactions. Despite the fact that watermelon is effortlessly avoidable, related dust may not be so easy to escape. On the off chance dust hypersensitivities continue, consider sensitivity shots.

Conclusion of Watermelon Allergy

Skin prick test normally applies to patients associated with this kind of hypersensitivity. A watermelon concentrate is infused under the skin and the responses checked for affirmation of the determination.

Cross-reactivity tests that relate to leading food sensitivity tests for a large group of related foods is considered as a fundamental stride for diagnosing the condition.

At the point when to see a specialist

See a specialist or allergist if you have water melon allergy indications not long after eating. On the off chance that possible, see your specialist when the unfavorably susceptible response is happening. This will help your specialist make a finding.

Look for crisis treatment if you build up any signs or side effects of hypersensitivity, for example,

  • Tightening of aviation routes that make it hard to relax.
  • Surprised with an extreme drop in the pulse.
  • Quick heartbeat.


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