Eucalyptus Oil for Cold and Nasal Congestion

Eucalyptus Oil for Cold and Nasal Congestion

There is literally no one on this planet that didn’t have the experience of blocked and runny nose. No one is spared by this infection and we all stock cold medicines at home to relive from nasal congestion.

Over-the-counter medications may help you out to treat cold allergy. But, natural remedies have been shown significant positive and long lasting results. Eucalyptus oil for cold is one of the inexpensive innate remedy that can give you instant relief from blocked nose.

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activity this essential oil thwart infectious germs. Its decongestant property helps to break blocked mucus that causes congestion. Interestingly, you can use eucalyptus oil to treat sore throat, cough and cold.

This essential oil is extracted by distillation process of eucalyptus leaves, which is mostly available in Australia. There are about 700 species of this tree.

The oil extracted from this tall tree is colorless and has sweet smell. To treat cough, oral pain, inflammation in respiratory tract, asthma and sore throat, experts recommend diluting the oil.

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Eucalyptus Oil for Colds

eucalyptus oil for cold

Most commonly used eucalyptus oil is known as blue gum. University of Maryland Medical Center says that this essential oil has been traditional included medicines to treat fungal infection and heal wounds. (1)

Eucalyptus oil is included in medicines that are made to treat cough and cold. You can check the ingredients list in most lozenges, cough syrups, rubs and vapor baths. It is available in liquid form and in cream.

Features of Eucalyptus oil

  • Antibacterial properties residing in eucalyptus can fight pathogenic bacteria in the upper respiratory tract. (2) However, more scientific evidence is needed to back this study.
  • Analgesic property housed in this essential oil can relieve you from pain.(3)
  • Allergic reaction is triggered when you immune system releases antibodies to fight harmless foreign materials. Studies conclude that this oil can implement the innate cell-mediated immune response. (4)
  • Assorted properties in this oil will relieve you from nasal congestion, treats cold and lets you breathe easier.

How to use Eucalyptus Oil for Cold?

Eucalyptus Oil for Cold and Nasal Congestion

Remedy 1

Apply this essential oil over your hands and inhale to get relief from cold. You can also topically apply over chest, around neck, temples and rub back to relieve pain caused by cold.

The strong aroma in this oil will relieve you from nasal congestion. You can use it to treat serious illnesses like bronchitis or flu.

Remedy 2

Another traditionally way to use the oil is through steam inhalation. Put few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl with hot boiling water.

You must bend over the bowl and cover your head with a cloth. As you inhale hot mist, the mucus will be broken letting you to breathe easily.

Make sure that you inhale through your nose and exhale through mouth. This will clear up your airways and allow you to breath easily. Do it at least 2-3 times a day in order to get fast relief.

Remedy 3

Every one of us wants sound and undisturbed sleep, but cold ans nasal congestion doesn’t allow us to sleep properly. In order to get sound sleep put few drops of eucalyptus oil on a soft cloth and keep it under the pillow.

The gradual release of the oil’s smell will help to unblock the nose and give you undisturbed sleep.

Note: You must not consume this oil without diluting it. It can cause nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. So, consider reaching your doctor before consuming eucalyptus oil.

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