Hair Dye Allergy Symptoms

Hair Dye Allergy Symptoms

Both men and women use hair dye to conceal grey hair and maintain their youthful appearance. From past 20 years, use of hair color increased exponentially. Studies in US reveals 25% increase in men using hair color. Identical studies are found in other parts of the World.

If you too frequently use hair color, then you might be one among 5% people who experienced allergic reaction. Para-PhenyleneDiamine is a chemical substance found in most products, which stimulates hair dye allergy. Apart from this, other substances that can trigger infection are ammonia and propylene glycol.

Skin allergy is the most common allergic reaction accompanied by hair color allergy. The area around the scalp and backside of ear can get infected. Other signs include watery eyes, swollen face, and red rashes over skin and behind ears. Blister and bumps are accompanied by itching.

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Dermatitis – Symptoms of Hair Allergy

As mentioned this is the most common allergic reaction caused by hair dye. Reaction develops when allergens in hair dye comes in contact with your skin. Immune system releases antibodies to combat these irritants, which leads to different symptoms.

Red blister may develop and your skin becomes swollen and red. Even eye lids, hair line, beard and neck may experience the infection.

Few among you may not experience allergic reaction in their first usage. When the scalp gets exposed for the second time, reaction will be triggered in 7-10 hours.



Increase levels of histamines and other chemical reactions affect blood vessels to open up and leak extra fluid, which causes swelling and itchiness over the skin. Wheezing, vomiting and difficulty in swallowing can be accompanied by this allergic symptom. (1)


This life-threatening condition triggers due to food, insect, medication and latex allergy. Sudden drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness and asthma are few serious symptoms that may lead to this condition. Patient must need at once medical attention. (2)

To avoid this allergic reaction, apply small amount of hair color behind the ear and wait for a couple of days to confirm the dye is safe for you.

How to Avoid Allergic Reaction to Hair Dyes

You can avoid allergic reaction to hair dyes by following the below mentioned ways.


Patch test

This is one of the basic thing that you need to do before dying your hair. You need to conduct a patch test on your skin to find out whether or not you are getting allergic reactions with the dye.

All you need to do is apply a small amount of dye on your skin and let it dry.The skin area could be back side of ear or below the elbow. If you feel any kind of irritation, redness or any other symptom then do not use the product.

Make sure you carry out a patch test every time you dye and if it is the same brand then also carry out a test before using it.

Clinical test

You can carry out test at the clinic to find out which chemicals you are allergic to, then you can purchase the product accordingly. when you are aware of the chemicals to which you are allergic then it is easy for you to make your choice.


If you have not got any allergic reaction from the above mentioned test then also you need to take certain precautionary measures.

  • Always wear the gloves before dying
  • Do not exceed the recommended time to keep the dye
  • Follow the instructions given in the manual carefully
  • Wash off the hair thoroughly

 Home remedies for Hair Dye Allergy

If the infection is serious, then I recommend consulting doctor. In case of very mild infection, you can try natural home remedies. Apply olive oil and coconut oil over prewashed scalp. You can massage your hair with chamomile tea and aloevera gel.