Mascara Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

Mascara Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

Cosmetic products are incorporated with chemical preservatives that can damage your sensitive skin. Mascara allergy is mainly triggered due to chemical compositions. Alluring fragrance and synthetic colors irritate your eye lashes.

Media and marketing companies are promoting gorgeous girls with attractive eyes. As women are more concerned about their looks than men, most people are trying this chemical filled beauty items.

Depending on the manufacturing company, different ingredients are including to mascara. Allergic reaction may spread to skin around eyes and also irritate eyes.

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When your skin comes in direct contact with the allergen, it mistakenly perceives the ingredient as a threat and releases histamines to stimulate allergic symptoms.

Allergens in the above mentioned para can be anything, for instance few people are sensitive substances like pollen, cashmere, dust, fruits and beauty creams. Dermatologist also advised to avoid using beauty products with chemicals, after a case reported which triggered contact dermatitis.

So this is something serious. Another case state that repeated use of these cosmetic products damaged skin’s elasticity. Even if you aren’t allergic to mascara I recommend avoiding it.

Mascara Allergy Symptoms

Manufacturers add paraben esters to mascara; this preservative is often included in most cosmetic products. Like mentioned, different companies use various ingredients; imported mascara includes kohl, which is dangerous for children according to experts.

Within few hours or minutes of applying the mascara, the allergic reaction commences. Contact dermatitis and conjunctivitis are two major symptoms of this allergy.

Signs of allergy range from mild to severe conditions. Mild signs include, pink eyes, inflamed and water eyes. Related to skin, it becomes dry and start to itch. Small bumps or blisters may appear around the skin.

  • Skin rash
  • Swelling of eyebrows and cheeks
  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Dermatitis
  • Watery and redness of eyes
  • Itching in and around eyes
  • Burning sensation around eyes and throat
  • Your eyes become sensitive to light


As soon as you notice any uncommon allergic symptoms on or around eyes, at once stop using mascara or other eye makeup products and reach doctor. As a first aid wash your face including eyes to remove chemical ingredients.

Doctor will carry tests with different substances to confirm the specific allergen. Medication prescribed by him need to taken regularly and also discuss about the immediate relief steps to be taken if you mistakenly come in contact with the allergen next time.

Eye drops and anti-histamines will come in handy for quick relief from burning sensation.


It’s the best treatment. Like I recommended, stay away mascara and other artificial beauty products. They do more harm than benefit. Instead sue natural oils and practice healthy lifestyle to get natural beauty.

Stay away from long exposure to TV and smart phones, they strain your eyes. If you’re using beauty cream over face, make sure you that it won’t enter eyes. Constant rubbing or repeatedly washing your eyes with water will make your eyes red.

Slice two cucumbers and place them over the eye lids for soothing experience. Before sleeping apply coconut oil or jojoba oil over eyebrows and on eye lids.

Mascara allergy symptoms aren’t common, so you must diagnose to know the specific allergen.

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