9 Anxiety Symptoms and Ways to Handle It

9 Anxiety Symptoms and Ways to Handle It

Many people have common feeling of anxiety now and then, anxiety is nothing but what we feel, when we are worried, tensed or afraid, particularly about things that are about to happen or which we think could happen in future.

It is a natural human response when we perceive that we are under threat. It can be experienced through our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.

Anxiety can be treated in short term and even long term. You may judge your anxious feeling but, fortunately we have many tools and techniques to manage your anxiety.With the treatments shown below one can manage his anxiety to get fulfillment of his life

This article helps you with the symptoms and the cause of anxiety and also how to get rid of this feeling.

9 Symptoms of Anxiety

The following are the general symptoms of anxiety

  • Sleep problems
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Panic, fear, uneasiness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tense muscles
  • Not able to stay calm and still


This is just another form of mental illness; this feeling is a combination of things, including changes in your brain and environmental stress and it can be also from genes.

How to handle Anxiety?

To gain control over anxiety, it is important to learn and practice anxiety management techniques.The following are some of the techniques to handle the symptoms of anxiety.

1. Take a deep Breathe

Anxiety may lead you to breathe quickly, which makes both mental and physical symptoms worse. So when you feel anxiety, make sure to take slow and deep breathe which helps to soothe your brain and body.

2. Think Positive

When you have attacks with anxiety suddenly try to push all the negative things out of track and remind yourself that you are in control. This makes you to manage situation successfully and reduce anxiety.

3. Relax Your Muscles

Anxiety makes all your body to be tense, so consciously put effort to relax muscles of toes, legs, hands and all the way to your neck and face.

4. Focus on Present Situation

When people are anxious, they are usually obsessed about something that might occur in future. But this may increase the feeling of anxiety, instead of that focus on present situation which makes you manage the situation.

5. Be an Observer Without Judgment

Try to practice to observe your thoughts, actions, emotions, feelings and sensations without judgment. This may excellently help you to manage your anxiety.

6. Create a Routine

9 Anxiety symptoms and ways to handle it

This is the best way to get rid of anxiety disorder. Maintain good sleep and wake up early ,eat and exercise at the same time. This helps to steady your mind and also gives confidence/control to your emotions and feelings.

7. Spend Time With Friends

Spending time with people who makes you laugh will reduce the feeling of anxiety. Often hanging out with people makes you laugh a little more and don’t feel embarrassed of becoming fear, because this is a common problem faced by many people.

8. Yoga and Meditation

Even though you are feeling anxiety or trauma, yoga and meditation help you to calm your mind without any stress. Try to meditate at least for 15 minutes and spending time in your body rather than your head is one of the best ways to reduce the feeling of anxiety.

9. Walking

Movements of your body can also control the feeling of anxiety. Hormones are released from the bottom of your feet, when we walk. Walking is a way to win anxiety as well.