Can Allergies Make You Tired and Weak?

Can Allergies Make You Tired and Weak?


When you hear about an allergic reaction first thing comes in mind is sneezing and runny nose. Apart from these fatigue, asthma and sinus pain are also experienced by hypersensitive people.

Can allergies make you tired and weak?

We all knew that exhausting feeling after coming from work. But, wonder allergic reaction can also make you tired and sleepy.

Allergic substances when enter your body, immune system reacts by releasing IgE antibodies. Within few hours or minutes of ingesting the allergic substance, a chemical reaction is triggered resulting in various allergic symptoms.

Repeated sneezing, dryness in mouth, itchy red eyes and difficulty in breathing can be experienced.

While your body continuously fighting these allergens, you hardly sleep. As a result body becomes tired and weak.

Seasonal Allergic Reaction

Millions of American suffers from allergy symptoms. Seasonal allergic reaction is one of the most common allergies affecting people all over the world.

Concentration of pollen in the environmental air increases. As a result most people depending on their immune system face acute, moderate and severe allergic signs.

Am sensitive to dust, when my body comes in contact with huge dust mild symptoms like sneezing and water eyes appear. I feel better when I immediately blow mucus and inhale steam.

But, I can understand the pain with continuous sneezing, which impact my work quality. Anti-histamine medicines can help you out but, they didn’t go well with me. So I always try home remedies like I mentioned above.

Mental stress, depression, sinus pain and sleepiness are few things that are accompanied by seasonal allergy.

Reach allergist or physician if allergic reaction persists. If you’re sensitive towards dust mites or dust, then keep your place hygiene and warm.

Best way to sleep with allergies, is to minimize the exposure to allergens. Try nasal strips or inhale steam. Drop cold balm in hot water and inhale the steam to open nasal passage.

Wash your bedding regularly and expose them to sunlight. Dust mites are one of the main reasons for dust allergy.

Talk to your allergist and avoid exposing to allergens.

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