Cardiorenal Syndrome Death, Would Sooner Intervention Matter?

Cardiorenal Syndrome Death, Would Sooner Intervention Matter?

Cardiorenal syndrome has dramatically increased in most of the people these days. This condition is normally characterized by decreased functionalities of kidneys.

The human kidneys and heart are responsible for maintaining the organ perfusion and hemodynamic balance in our body by complex connections.

The heart and kidneys communicate with each other through various pathways and helps in normal functioning of body.

In this article we will discuss about various aspects such as causes and effects which leads to cardiorenal syndrome.

The cardiorenal syndrome is caused by dysfunction of heart and kidneys. Heart and kidneys supply oxygenated blood to the entire body by maintaining hemodynamic stability.

Causes Of Cardiorenal Syndrome

The main cause for cardiorenal syndrome is chronic kidney disease.It is caused by hypertension and anemia that cannot be controlled and diabetes mellitus as well.

Effects of Cardiorenal Syndrome

  • Increases intra abdominal and central venous pressures
  • Decrease in the functionality of kidney.
  • Worse functioning of renal

Now we will see whether the Cardio renal Syndrome Death is an Intervention Matter?

If someone with chronic heart failure triggers cardiorenal syndrome and dies, do we have any medical intervention that would save individual’s life?

The person with chronic heart failure has symptoms like respiratory distress and increased swelling in the lower extremities.

The respiratory will form fluid in lungs and worsens the functioning of cardiac.

If the fluid does not dry then the person will obviously die, if the person has required amount of fluid then there is chance of being alive.

Well ADHF is usually present with the excess fluids in the lungs and cause increase difficulty in breathing in matter of days. ADHF is even presents while the kidney is injured and when people do not have significant edema or pleural effusion.

kidneys will get effected slowly, day by day the blood flow will be decreased and worsen the state of heart to work.

If the heart pumps the blood less than the required amount needed by the kidneys, a viscous cycle ensures called cardiorenal syndrome.

Another scenario is sudden worsening of the liver. Like kidneys, the liver has been subjected to impeded blood flow and compensates.

Cardiorenal Syndrome Death Would Sooner Intervention Matter

The symptoms of kidney or liver failure is secondary to heart failure, if the person won’t take the necessary precautions then there is no chance to save a person.

The person needs to consult doctor and start treatment as early as possible when it comes to worsening of heart and renal failure.

Treatment for Cardiorenal Syndrome

Each individual with cardiorenal syndrome has different risk factors depending on their medical history. There is no straight forward treatment even today.

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is to consult the doctor.
  • A thorough examination should be carried out in order to know the exact condition of the body.
  • Sometimes it can be treated with oral medication, when the clot is small.
  • But when the matter is serious then it involves surgery.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and doing physical activities and apart from this one important thing is to take rest properly. Sleeping atleast 8 hours is a must.