Causes Of Upper Abdomen Weight Gain

Causes Of Upper Abdomen Weight Gain

Upper abdomen fat or obesity is extremely unhealthy and lead us to face many health issues. It is often called as visceral fat in medical terms that lies between your abdomen walls and organs of your body.

There are many factors that contribute in accumulation of abdomen fat such as diet, lack of exercise, stress levels, health conditions and genetics plays major role in forming upper abdomen fat.

Causes of Upper Abdomen Fat

1. Poor Diet

Eating unhealthy junk food results in reducing the metabolism and contributes in large waist size. Our bodies are primary source of fuel and carbohydrates that store as body fat when over eaten. So, excessive consumption of carbohydrate foods will ultimately result in forming upper belly fat. In addition, high calorie diet also contribute in formation of upper belly fat.

2. Lack Of Exercise

As we have heard it many times, exercise keeps us fit and help us to reduce fat in our body.  Exercise is an essential and major thing to follow for a healthy lifestyle and to avoid or prevent unwanted fat from your body.

3. Stress

Stress is the common thing that results in adding extra pounds to your body which we often don’t realize. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol which forces the liver to release excess sugar that the body doesn’t require and doesn’t metabolize.

Due to release of excess sugar, you feel hungrier and consume more food than usual. This obviously results in formation of excess fat in your body.

4. Genetics

Even genetics plays a major role in maintaining healthy weight. Many people have genetic predisposition to upper belly fat.

5. Health Conditions

Causes Of Upper Abdomen Weight Gain

Digestive track diseases, hormonal imbalances and cardiovascular diseases also force us to experience upper belly fat. Sometimes, certain medications called steroids results in causing abdominal fat.

It is not something as easy to reduce abdominal fat. You need to undergo several changes in your lifestyle to reduce this condition and maintain healthy  body.

Here are simple ways to reduce upper belly fat that must be followed in your day routine.

Simple Ways To Reduce Upper Belly Fat

1. Drink Water

Water is the best medication for reducing fat in your body. Water generally cleanses your body, removes toxins and keeps you hydrated. Instead of having soda drinks replace them with plain water to see better results. As per doctors suggestion one must consume more than 8 ounces of water per a day.

2. Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly will help to burn the fat in your abdomen. Go for a simple walk for 15 minutes, practice yoga and meditation, to see good results in your body.

3. Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Replace high calorie foods with low calorie foods to energize your body and avoid oily and junk foods that stores fat in your body. Don’t consume heavy meals that burn your digestive system, try to have smaller meals.

4. Reduce Stress

Learn to deal with stress by practicing yoga and meditation in your regular routine. Try to keep yourself calm and stress free and maintain healthy lifestyle.