Eye Makeup Allergy Symptoms

Eye Makeup Allergy Symptoms

You aren’t for a party without beautiful eyes. It expresses your views and can do thousand things, which your fingers can’t do. Setting a path, models use eye makeup for enticing eyes. Most women who’re more concerned about their looks are taking the same path.

Millions of products are manufacturing and millions are using it without any issue. But, few unfortunate people will have mild to severe rashes due to eye makeup allergy.

Like beauty creams and hair dyes, eye makeup is incorporated with chemicals and preservatives to increase the shelf-life of the product. These components may irritant your immune system resulting in various signs of reaction.

When I mentioned eye makeup, it includes eye shadow, eye cream, eyeliner, mascara, concealer and other products related to eye. Immune system in sensitive people overreacts when the skin comes in contact with these foreign substances by releasing histamines.

Eye Makeup Allergy Symptoms

You may not see allergic reaction up to several hours. For the first time when ingredients in cosmetic products react with immune system, you may not see any serious sign. But, regular use will irritate your skin and a rash accompanied by inflammation can be seen.

Repeated use of chemical filled products including soaps, fairness creams, shampoo and makeup will damage the natural elasticity of the skin. Particularly, delicate areas like eye lids, face and thin skin folds are liable to get irritated.

Itching, burning sensation, redness and can experience symptoms of contact dermatitis.

In case of cosmetics, your immune system wrongly targets ingredients in the product. When you repeatedly use the product, immune system releases histamines to thwart those ingredients out. In the process, result in rashes and tingling sensation.


Allergy may trigger as soon as you come in contact with the ingredient or after repeated use. The swelling occurs over your eyelids and can proceed to eyebrows and cheeks.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

When eye liner or any eye makeup cream comes in contact, itching, redness, tearing can be seen. Your eyes may also be sensitive to light.


A rash over eye lids includes inflamed bumps and hives. Skin around the eyes and eyebrows may experience itching and redness.

Doctor conducts patch test to confirm ingredients that trigger allergy. Small amount of different substances are applied on the skin to check the effect. It’s best to patch test before trying any cosmetic product. For that you must apply the product near elbow in a 50 pence sized skin.

  • When you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms, consult the doctor and stop using eye makeup.
  • Immediate steps include washing eyes to remove ingredients of makeup. Avoid rubbing your eyes, as it may result in blisters.
  • Based on the state of infection, doctor may recommend oral medication and prescribe eye drops.
  • Don’t try other cosmetic creams including eye liner until you get relief from eye makeup allergy.

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