Fennel Allergy Symptoms

Fennel Allergy Symptoms

fennel allergy

Fennel is a perennial plant that smells pleasantly consisting of yellow flowers. It is generally discovered in the Mediterranean region but it is now familiar all around the world as fennel is mostly used as  the flavoured spice in all the recipes. Fennel and anise look and tastes almost similar but those are different from each other.

Fennel seeds and fennel oils are used to make medicine. They can be directly consumed to prevent various digestive problems like intestinal gas, heartburn, bloating, and loss of appetite. Fennel seeds are used for various purposes which are used to prevent excessive hair growth on the body in women.

Fennel can sometimes act like estrogen in the body which is an important hormone in women. These seeds can relax the colon and can also decrease respiratory secretions so, if you are suffering from constipation try consuming fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds are known for their aromatic smell, taste and nutritional value. Benefits include rich concentration of fiber, antioxidants, cholesterol absorption, maintain balanced blood pressure and increase red blood cells.

Besides being nutritious, you may experience fennel allergy symptoms if you’re hypersensitive to its proteins. Mild symptoms may be seen like runny nose, skin rashes and stomach pain. In rare cases, fennel allergy may lead to anaphylaxis condition.

Although we can see a lot of benefits of consuming fennel seeds they also come with several side effects which are to be noted. Some allergic reactions of fennel seeds include the following:

Fennel Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are generally caused when your immune system responds abnormally to the food that you have consumed. In some cases, these allergies are harmless but to some people, reactions may occur upon direct contact or when swallowed.

Side effects of consuming fennel seeds include difficulty in breathing, tightness of chest or parts of the throat, mild pain in chest, nausea, vomiting sensation, rashes appearing on the skin, itching on the parts of the body, the skin may appear swollen.

Allergic reaction triggers, within minutes of ingesting fennel seeds. Proteins in the seeds are mistaken as a threat and antibodies are released to fight them. A chemical reaction between histamines (released by immune system) and foreign substances results in allergic symptoms.

The people who are allergic to plants like celery, carrot, and radish can also be allergic to fennel. So, if are allergic to several plant vegetables you can directly relate yourself for the allergic reaction to fennel.

Symptoms like: lightheaded, dizzy, fainting, shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, nasal congestion, postnasal drip, chest tightness, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, bloating, gas, stomach pain and skin rashes can be seen.

Due to its amazing cosmetic benefits, fennel seeds are used topically. In hypersensitive people, allergic reaction like skin rashes and itching can be seen after topical application of fennel seeds.

Symptoms like contact dermatitis accompanied by itching, inflammation, swelling and redness are experienced.

There are several types of allergic reactions on consuming fennel seeds which are type1, type2, type3 where these 3 types of allergies react immediately on the human body within 24 hours of consumption. Whereas type 4 allergic reactions may appear after 24hours from consumption that is why it is named as delayed allergic reactions.

Type 1 allergy also known as anaphylactic reactions and is caused by proteins called IgE antibodies which are produced by immune system. This reaction causes upon release of histamine causing inflammation and swelling. Bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, food allergies include type1 allergy.

Type2 allergy also known as cytotoxic reactions and is caused by proteins called IgE and IgM antibodies which involve in damage cells by activating complement system component produced by the immunity system. In autoimmune neutropenia, the type2 allergy can be found.

Type3 allergy also known as immunocomplex reactions and is caused by the IgE and IgM antibodies released by the immune system in the body. These allergic reactions can be generally seen in lupus, serum sickness and Arthus reactions.

Type4 allergy is also known as cell meditated reactions and also called as delayed reactions as they occur to react after 24hours hours from consumption. This type of allergic reactions is harmful and can lead to long term diseases like tuberculosis and several fungal infections.

Washing the skin area with soap where you applied the herb will relieve you from inflammation.

As mentioned above, IgE antibodies detect the allergen in the food and signals immune system to release histamines. Histamines then react with the food substances and results in various allergic signs. For mild symptoms taking anti-histamines is enough to relieve from allergy. But, for severe signs you must diagnose.

Prevention and Diagnosis

If you’re experiencing this allergic symptom for the first time, then you must consult doctor for diagnosis. He will conduct required skin prick test to determine the availability of specific antibodies and prescribe the medicine.

If you come across any such symptoms try avoiding from your allergens as it is very important but may not be that easy to follow as some allergens are easy to avoid while some are not. Take your medicines as prescribed by the doctor without fail as they can be helpful in managing symptoms. Make a note of everyday activities like what you eat in a day and what are the reactions occurred as they can be helpful to recognize of the item that you are allergic to.

You must avoid internal and topical usage of fennel seed. Not just taking it directly, other products and dishes that include fennel seeds must be abounded. Because of its nutrients, many manufacturing industries are incorporating fennel seeds in their products. Check ingredients list before purchasing the product.

Severe allergic conditions require epinephrine injection in emergency situations. Let your family and close friends know about the fennel allergy, so that they can take necessary action in serious conditions.

It is important to recognize that you are prone to allergic reactions and respond as quickly as possible with proper care and diagnosis. As this can help you in getting rid of the allergy without causing major harm to you.

Stay away from others and the allergens or pollens can be transferred from one person to another person. If you observe any mild symptoms trying curing them with some home remedies even though you are not able to cure it with home remedies then you need to see a doctor.

Keep an eye on what the reactions happening in the body. Stay health by eating healthy foods and avoiding foods that cause allergy.

More power to you! God bless!

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