Mustard Oil for Asthma

Mustard Oil for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease affecting airways of your lungs. As airways get inflamed, swollen and tighten you’ll find difficult to breathe. It’s a life threatening respiratory disorder, so you must reduce asthma symptoms with natural remedies.

Mustard Oil is an enormous tonic for human body and it also has its multiple medicinal benefits and uses. Generally this fit for human consumption oil is used extensively in India for cooking, especially in North India but it is also used excessively for hairs, skin and other things to keep the body parts healthy.

Scientists have also discovered that the mustard Oil is helping in treating Asthma for human body. Asthma is a respiratory chaos that can be cause allots of issues with the breathing and it can be also obstruct the quality of one’s life. Asthma attacks are life threatening and hence preventing an attack is must.

There are several remedies for the cure and prevention of this chaos and home remedies are considered to be extremely effective hence they are preferred. Amongst the home remedies the use of the mustard oil is measured to be the best and the safest for treating the asthma.

Among innate remedies mustard oil for asthma is considered to be safest and effective way. This edible oil is extensively used for culinary purpose and has multiple medicinal properties.

Mustard oil is obtained from mustard seeds and it consists of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, and omega -3&6 fats.

Mustard Oil to Treat Asthma

mustard oil for asthma

Main asthma suffers experience difficulty when they do some physical activity; this is known as exercise-induced asthma. Staying healthy and active is the only way to combat asthma symptoms. People who’ve allergies may also experience asthma symptoms.

Allergens like dust, pollen, gases, inhaling fumes and other irritants may lead to asthma. Main cause of asthma is not known. Children with this disease develop before age 5.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for this chronic disease. Anyhow, using home remedies and anti-allergens you can reduce its affect.

Mustard Oil for Asthma

Assorted properties in mustard oil can help reduce asthma effect. Topically apply mustard oil over the chest and you must take care in cold months.

Above mentioned properties like antibacterial and anti-fungal activity of this oil can effectively fight infectious bacteria. Inflammation caused by asthma can be reduced by anti-inflammatory agents in this vegetable oil.

There are varied ways to use mustard oil for asthma, one among them is to boil water in a pot and add few drops of mustard oil to it. Inhale the steam slowly to easy breathing and reduce asthma effect. Mustard oil dilates bronchial tubes so that you can breathe easily.

When you are having an attack or if you knowledge discomposure in the breathing then you should need to massage the oil on top of your chest. Breathing in the oil will be helping you to calm down and increases the gush of air to your lungs.

If you are lying on your front to the constant attacks then you must mix a spoon of the sugar in the oil and eat this several times in a day.

This is a preventive measure, you could also mix honey in the oil and eat this 3 times in a day. Adding honey in the oil will helps to clear any congestion in the throat and the oil will keep your respiratory tract free from the congestion.

When you experience an asthma attack, massage brown mustard oil over the chest. You can swallow 1 teaspoon of sugar with 1teaspoon of brown mustard oil.

Alternatively, you can massage the check with 1 tablespoon of mustard oil and 1 teaspoon of camphor. Slowly inhale the vapor to alleviate the discomfort.

Mustard oil and honey for asthma

As this oil taste bitter and has pungent smell, you can mix it with honey, so that you can easily swallow it.

Mix 1 teaspoon of mustard oil with 1 teaspoon of raw honey. Consume it with empty stomach; you can repeat this step 3 times a day. As honey is packed with exceptional medicinal benefits it clears congestion in throat and respiratory tract.

How to Use Mustard Oil to Treat Asthma

Mustard Oil is a great boost for human body it has its medicinal benefits and uses.

The following are the ways to use mustard Oil to treat Asthma.

1 Use a Mustard Oil steam Treatment

Use a Mustard Oil steam Treatment

  • Heat a container of water until it reaches a hasty boil.
  • Mix only some spoons of the mustard oil along with the caraway seeds.
  • Inhale the steam from the boiling water.

This treatment can be very helpful to your body to recover from the asthma and other respiratory diseases. The one must keep his head straight over the pot of bucket and breathe slowly. It dilates your bronchial tubes and makes it easier for you to breathe while an asthma attack.

2 Use Brown Mustard Oil to Treat Asthma

brown musterd

  • Massage brown mustard oil unto your chest during an asthma attack in place of an over the counter vapour rubs. Breathing mustard oil vapours will be helping to increase airflow to your lungs during the asthma attack.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of the sugar with 1 tablespoon of the brown mustard oil. Swallow a spoonful of the mixture a number of times a day.

For the best results use organic sugar and consume the mixture on a pour stomach.

3 Use Mustard Oil with Camphor to Treat Asthma


  • Mix 1 tablespoon of the mustard oil with 1 table spoon of the camphor.
  • Massage the mixture onto your chest.
  • Lie back and breathe intensely, allowing the vapours to go through your lungs and alleviate the discomfort of an asthma attack.

This is a great way to clear your bronchial passages of phlegm and mucus.

4 Mustard Oil and Honey to Treat Asthma


  • Combine 1 tablespoon of the mustard oil with 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • Swallow a spoonful of the mixture. You can do again this step as habitually as 3 times a day; help to fight with the asthma attack.

These particular remedies are the most effective when taken on an empty stomach. So these are some of the natural ways to fight with the Asthma using Mustard Oil.

Note: Anyhow, I recommend you to consult your doctor before trying these home remedies.

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