Nail Polish Allergy – Fingernail and Toenail Infection

Nail Polish Allergy – Fingernail and Toenail Infection

Everyone yields to look good, especially women. They want to get enticing appearance that gets all eye balls. Apart from being attractive, manicure and pedicure are needed to keep your nails hygiene. But, if your skin or nails are sensitive to any of the ingredients in the manicure, you’ll experience an allergic reaction.

Nail polish allergy is most often, as they contain harmful chemicals included. It has been known since 1940s (1). This infection is prominently known as contact dermatitis. Unlike food and environmental allergens irritants in nail polish initially penetrates deep into the skin and then slowly stimulates allergic reaction after number of times exposed.

Dr. Griffiths says that you’ll develop this allergic reaction after years of problem-free use. As mentioned above frequent exposure to chemicals incorporated in nail polish increase the risk of allergy.

nail polish allergy

Studies carried on different patients conclude that an allergic reaction may trigger with nail polish, nail varnish remover and artificial nails. (2)

Nail enamel is the most used cosmetic on nails. Different chemicals are used with varied concentrations to achieve the quality. North American Contact Dermatitis Group carried a study that concludes that toluenesulfonamide formaldehyde resin, a chemical is 7th common ingredient causing cosmetic allergy (it is found in most nail varnishes/polish).

A manicure can be done only for the beautification of your nails, but it can very rapidly turn in a nightmare if one of you are allergic to it or any of the ingredients that are reacting with nails are present in your regular nail polish.

An allergy to the fingernail polish is classified as the contact determatitis, since it results from the direct contact with the substances that you are allergic to. Fingernail polish contains high quality of the chemicals substances that are causing you an allergic reaction.

Once you will be in contact with the allergy to the nail polish, you will be allergic to the harmful chemicals substances that are present in the nail polish.

You should always consult your doctor or general practitioner, if the symptoms of the fingernail polish allergy occur which include headache, because this situation can be a sign of a severe reaction called as Anaphylaxis.

Whenever you open a bottle of nail polish, the first thing you will be noticing in your mind is not the pretty colour it is the smell of the nail polish.

The nail polishes generally stinks, to put it bluntly for the women. The reason why it is because of all the chemicals that are present in it. Most of the nail polishes are also made of the synthetic preservatives, fragrances and dyes.

You are not allergic to the manicure itself accurately, but the harmful chemicals substances that you are coming in contact with during the process.

Uncured methacrylate, acrylate oligomers and monomers bring into being in gels that are present in some of the polishes and hardeners, and even dust or the fumes that are floating through the air of the beauty salon could be leading to a negative reaction, said by the Stern.

Gel nails are predominantly troublesome because of the improper curing or harden increases the chance which will be possible giving you reactions.

Offending Substances

Fingernail polishes contains harmful chemicals subststances often founded to produce the allergies that include:

  • Toluene Sulphonamide formaldehyde resin, or TSFR;
  • Formaldehyde resin
  • Para and ortho toluene sulphonamide
  • Nickel mixing beads.
  • Dihutyl phtalate
  • Thermoplastic resin
  • Acrylates

If you are having an allergic reaction to any of the harmful chemicals substances in fingernail polish, before you buy this, you must read the products label carefully to check the ingredient list for allergens.

Nail Polish Allergy Symptoms

You might think that this allergic reaction results in infection on nails, but including nails the infection will develop around eyes, face, ears and neck. Because you contact these parts after applying nail polish, allowing allergens to easily invade other parts.


Studies reveal that a woman experience itching on her right cheek. A 27-year old woman reported to have infection on fingertips. Another woman aged 49-years report that she had itching on several fingers for about 5 years.

So the symptoms of infection may depend on how you allow the allergens in nails polish to invade different places of your body.

An allergic reaction may trigger even if you touch dried nail polish. Symptoms may range from mild to moderate including redness, blisters, swelling, itching, hives and pain. Headache and burning eyes are other symptoms that may accompany this allergic reaction.

Difficulty in breathing, low blood pressure, confusion, vomiting and loss of consciousness are few severe symptoms that need immediate medical attention.

Nails cosmetic dermatitis have to clear speedily once the nail cosmetic allergen is removed from the nails. Except there is secondary infection or lichenification, (hardening & thickening of the skin due to the unending dermatitis).

Corticosteroid creams with or without any antibiotics may be helping you to speed up recovery. The Management of dermatitis that are caused by the nail cosmetics on other body parts may be also treated as for any of the acute dermatitis or eczema; this may include treatment with emolliments and topical corticosteroids.

If any one of you is suffering from the nail polish allergy, the finest way to avoid any troubles is, you must avoid all the products that contains the allergens or which your are sensitive to it.


If any one of you is experiencing an allergic reaction to fingernail polish, eradicate the polish from your nails without delay. You should wash your nails thoroughly with a mild soap and warm water to the comprehensible away all the traces of offending the chemical substances.

If you are suffering from a gentle reaction, then first you must consult with your personal physician or doctor and you must know the information about the Symptoms of this allergic reaction and also about a treatment plan best suitable to your requirements.

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