Nose Piercing Bump, Causes and Treatments

Nose Piercing Bump, Causes and Treatments

Nose piercing is a new trend in many countries. It offers individual a nice place to show off an equally nice piece of jewelry. However it is also common to form bumps and makes infection on the nose.

Nose piercing bump occur after few days of getting pierced or sometimes may be a month later. It is important to ensure that the infection is treated on time and it doesn’t develop into scar.

What causes these bumps to occur and can these be treated?

Causes of Nose Piercing Bump

Some of the causes of nose piercing bump are shown below:

  • Touching the pierced nose several times with your hands may develop a bump on the nose. If your hands and fingers are infected then there is more chance to develop infection.
  • If the person piercing your nose doesn’t follow hygienic procedures then it may also lead to infection.
  • If the material or jewelry which is used for piercing is allergic to your nose then it may raise a bump. Because the material you use for piercing matters a lot.
  • Once the piercing is done, then you need to follow piercers advice strictly, you need to wash it properly and do not touch it constantly because it gets infected.
  • If you accidentally get hurt on pierced area then it becomes red and produces intense pain and sometimes it even bleeds. Proper care should be taken to avoid infection.
  • Do not change the jewelry until the bump heal completely because changing of jewelry for many times is one of the effective cause for increasing bump on the nose.
  • If you don’t use hygiene products for cleaning pierce place, you may end up probably increasing the chance of infection. Make sure you don’t use hydrogen peroxide and alcohol to clean piercing site.


  • Washing the wound with clean water may help you. But don’t wash it for several times.
  • Wash it for 3-4 times a day and use Luke warm water for washing.
  • Make sure that your piercing is done by a professional and he uses clean tools, if not then there is a chance of increasing infection.
  • Proper measures should be taken immediately, because there are chances to develop bump even inside the nose.
  • If you got bump inside the nose, it cannot be treated at home so it’s better to visit a doctor.
  • If the problem doesn’t get solved even after taking the measures then you need to remove the jewel and let it rest for few days until the bump is completely healed then again wear your jewelry.

When to See a Doctor?

Nose Piercing Bump

If the bump doesn’t improve even after  two or three weeks then it is advicable to seek medical attention.

If symptoms such as thick smelly discharge or if you begin to see dark streaks from piercing then immediately concsult you doctor.

It is advisable to take tetanus injection after you get your nose pierced. This way you can avoid bump in a best possible manner.