Nutmeg Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

Nutmeg Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

Let me first burst this myth; nutmeg doesn’t belong to tree nut family and has no proteins identical to them. So people with nut allergy can try this spice.

Anyway, there are few cases where nutmeg allergy symptoms like asthma and contact dermatitis are found.

An allergy triggers either by physical contact or by consuming it. Proteins in this spice when enter your body, immune system mistakenly treats it as harmful substance and releases antibodies.

IgE antibodies determine specific proteins and signals immune system to release histamines leading to various allergic signs.

This wrong action of immune system is not known, but few researches say hereditary can be the cause.

Before you dwell to know more about symptoms of nutmeg allergy, allow me to discuss about nutmeg in few lines.

Add some grated nutmeg to salads or consume it directly; this slightly bitter tasting spice can do wonders on your health. This aromatic spice is renowned for its miraculous healing benefits.

Apart from making your food delicious, it can treat insomnia; reduce digestive issues, relief from toothache, exfoliate the skin and improve blood circulation.

Unfortunately, in few people these beneficial proteins can trigger allergic reaction. In rare case it can lead to anaphylaxis.

Nutmeg Allergy Symptoms

This allergy isn’t considered as common food allergy. Reaction is triggered due to hypersensitivity to the proteins residing in nutmeg. Identical proteins can be found in plant and nutmeg seed from where the powder is extracted.

If you’re sensitive to it, then IgE antibodies and histamines are released by immune system to stimulate allergy.

Mild to severe signs of allergy can be seen.

  • You’ll experience symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, congested nose and headache after ingesting nutmeg powder of food with this spice.
  • Digestive problems like diarrhea, gas, bloating, vomiting, stomach pain and nausea can be experienced.
  • Lip, tongue and face will start swelling and may accompany by itching.
  • Skin infections like hives, eczema can be seen.
  • Itching at various parts of the body.
  • Asthma
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty in breathing is among serious symptoms.
  • Contact dermatitis

It’s not important that you must eat nutmeg to trigger allergy, even when you touch nutmeg or inhale the aromatic smell allergic reaction may commence.

Contact dermatitis is confined to that particular area and can be relieved by applying natural remedies like argan oil or jojoba oil.

Diagnosis and Prevention

Seed allergy is different from nut allergy. Nutmeg belongs to seed, but the allergic symptoms are mostly lies the same. So you must consult dermatologist or doctor for diagnosis.

nutmeg allergy symptoms

With skin prick test and other related tests, allergen can be determined. Accordingly, doctor will prescribe medicines. Using medication will relieve from nutmeg allergy, but the allergy triggers again if you ingest or touch the allergen.

So it’s recommend to avoid consuming nutmeg and other identical seeds that include similar proteins. Even salads and other delicious dishes which include nutmeg must be avoided.

Ask restaurant’s cook about the ingredients in added in the food when you’re out. Make sure to carry epinephrine auto-injector for instant relief from nutmeg allergy.

Depending on severity of allergy, treatment will be given. Mild reaction will require antihistamines, steroids and other medications. If you’ve serious symptoms in the paste, discuss with your doctor for immediate steps and let your family know about this.

It’s recommended that you reach allergist for treatment, ask your doctor for the one in your locality.

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