Oxybenzone Allergy Symptoms

Oxybenzone Allergy Symptoms

Oxybenzone allergy

Both natural extracts and artificial ingredients are used while manufacturing cosmetic products. Oxybenzone is one such organic compound used in sunscreen lotions.

Ingredients in sunscreen cream acts as “Penetration enhancers”, so they easily get absorbed by the skin and can be measured in blood and urine samples.

These ingredients may trigger oxybenzone allergy symptoms in hypersensitive people. In 2014, American Contact Dermatitis Society declared Benzophenones as allergen of the year. Oxybenzone belongs to these aromatic ketones. (Source: Dermnetnz.org)

  • Report says that due to repeated application of sunscreen lotions, oxybenzoneresiding in most creams may trigger skin allergies.
  • A study carried out by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 96 percent of Americans has oxybenzone
  • People who regularly use sunscreen creams are prone to get various skin related ailments.
  • Another study states that even in mother’s milk this organic compound is found, the reason is greater exposure to sunscreen lotions with oxybenzone.

Experts recommend avoiding sunscreen creams that include such ingredient. But, there are anecdotal reports which say that other chemical substances housed in cosmetic creams strip natural moisture and irritate sensitive skin.

Often chemical ingredients in beauty products are included to increase the shelf-life or for the aromatic smell. But, when your sensitive skin is repeatedly exposed to such chemicals it loses its natural moisturizing ability.

You must pamper your skin with natural remedies. Ask beauty experts for natural recipes to keep the skin away from ailments. Those remedies will blow your mind.

Oxybenzone Allergy Symptoms

You can experience allergic sign soon after application of sunscreen cream with oxybenzone or after a couple of weeks.

Redness, swelling, itching and blister filled with fluid can be seen. In rare cases, allergy may lead to anaphylaxis condition.

Apart from skin allergy, ingredients absorbed by your skin can stimulate free radicals and trigger hormonal imbalance.

To determine that you’re allergic to Oxybenzone, consult dermatologist who will conduct necessary diagnosis and confirm the allergen.

Topical application of prescribed creams and other home remedies can relieve from itching and reduce blisters. However, to prevent oxybenzone allergy you must stay away from sunscreen lotions that include this organic compound. Check ingredient’s list before you buy a new beauty product.

Other chemical ingredients that belong to Benzophenones may irritate your skin, so its bets to patch test before using them on the skin. Alternate names of benzophenone are: benzoylbenzene, diphenyl ketone, phenyl ketone.

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