Rye Allergy Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Rye Allergy Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

We are here to know about the Rye allergy what are its symptoms and how to determine and treat it properly.

Firstly, let us know what rye actually is?

What is Rye?

Rye generally comes from a grain’s family grown as an extensive grass. It is originated from eastern Turkey and its adjacent areas. It also belongs to a wheat family and is somewhat related to barely and wheat. This grain is used in the preparation of flour, beer, whiskey, bread, beer and some vodkas. This grain grows well in dry and cold climatic conditions with yellowish brown to grayish green color.

Rye is also called as cereal rye which is an edible grain that can be used mainly to make breads and also whiskey made of rye. This grain is rich in carbohydrates, fiber and consists some quantity of protein and potassium. It has lower GI levels that is used to control diabetics, lowers cholesterol, improves digestive system functioning and is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Rye allergy:

People who are suffering from wheat allergy also have chances of being allergic to barley and rye. Cereal allergy can be determined easily by conducting several blood tests can detect allergy to grass pollens also.

The most common symptoms of this allergy are sneezing continuously, commonly you can observe to have hay fever. The symptoms of this allergy may not be as strong as the symptoms of another allergy. But if pollination season lasts longer than the symptoms may also last longer than usual.

If the pollen grass is breathed in the people who are allergic to it may cause reaction in the body by immune systems that results in sneezing and appearance of small rashes all over the body. These symptoms may show up even lately in some cases.

Some people are also allergic to rye grass even before the rye grains are developed where this grass allergy is not an easy allergy that can be escaped. The grass pollens can travel in air, closing windows may not prevent them from entering into house causing allergic reactions. If you are allergic to grass don’t allow the grass in lawn to grow longer.

Rye pollen allergy can be caused by the pollen grass that is developed before the grains are being manufactured. Pollen allergy is attacked from grass of rye grains avoid visiting rye farms and stay away as air can be surrounded with those pollen particles.

If you’re experiencing rashes, and swelling and also other related symptoms after eating rye bread, then probably you’re sensitive to grains. Rye also partially resembles wheat and barley; if you’re allergic to these substances then proteins that are present in rye may irritate you.

Researches show that there are 23 proteins present in rye that can cause the rye allergy symptoms. These proteins are mistaken as harmful particles by immune system, which releases histamines to fight against them making us feeling relieved. Symptoms of this allergy range from mild to severe based on the quantity of food you consume. Baker’s asthma is more prominent when in case of grain allergies.Just like wheat rye belongs to Triticeae group of tribe and related to wheat and barley.

Few studies shows that rye is more effective helping weight loss than wheat, because it can suppress hunger levels and supply essential calories that are needed for the body. Other benefits of rye include lowers insulin level, improves digestion, reduce inflammation and reduces heart diseases.

rye allergy symptoms

Rye Allergy Symptoms

The symptoms of the rye allergy can be controlled with the help of antihistamines that are used to control the symptoms caused due to allergy. While choosing the medicines that are recommended by doctor choose the one that won’t make you feel drowsy.

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Sometimes these allergy symptoms may cause difficulty in sleeping at night. In that case it might be very useful to take medicines that cause drowsiness which helps to get full night rest. Always consult nearby doctor before you tend to take an medications.

Allergies are not that easy to deal with. Some type of allergies are very serious which can cause difficulty in breathing and also people tend to feel like heart to pump faster. These are early sings of allergy reaction, if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms medical treatment should be provided as soon as possible. Only rare percent of are able to recover from all these early sings on their own by following some home remedies.

Though it’s filled with all the important nutrients, in few sensitive people proteins may show up allergic reaction. As we know earlier, reaction between histamine and proteins combined reactions when you consume rye bread more than twice in a week.

You may not notice reaction with first use. When repeatedly, immune system detect these foreign substances it releases histamines to thwart them out through coughing or sneezing.

People working in bakery and farms are related to rye are stated to experience asthma. Inhaling substances related topollen allergy may trigger various symptoms like coughing, difficulty in breathing and watery eyes.

Common symptoms of rye allergy are mentioned below.

  • Skin rashes are appeared on different parts of the body
  • Eczema
  • Itching
  • Swelling of lips, mouth and throat
  • Tingling sensation in mouth and oral cavity
  • Headache or migraine
  • Respiratory problem
  • Wheezing, coughing and asthma
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Watery and inflamed eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Anaphylaxis

All the symptoms are observed in case if your body cause allergenic reaction to rye grains or the products that are made using rye grains or rye flour. Seek doctors help immediately if you notice any symptoms as such.

Diagnosis and Prevention

The diagnosis should be done as soon as over the counter medications are available when in case of emergency try taking them for instant relief. Antihistamines can help in preventing allergic reactions to pollen. Consult known doctor before you start using any medications.

In some cases, allergies can cause asthma like symptoms if you fall short of breathe then it is the first reaction you notice when you take rye grains or products related to rye grains or flour.

As soon as you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, consult doctor immediately for diagnosis.

And as a preventive measure avoid consuming and touching rye included products. Apart from this, you must stay away from identical protein structure items like wheat and barley.

Allergist will carry skin prick test and bronchial allergen challenge to confirm rye allergens. Test may include application of different substances. Accordingly medication will be prescribed.

To prevent the allergy symptoms, check the ingredients in the daily used products. Discuss with your doctor about immediate medication to be taken in severe conditions. Let your family members and friends be with you while this discussion.

If you’re on weight loss, avoid rye bread and consider other save food plan.

Don’t feel bogged, you can treat rye allergy by preventing related items.

Even if you notice a small rash on your body after consuming rye grains don’t neglect them take care, take proper medication and it can be controlled.

Eat healthy food and stay healthy!!

Take care!!