Thimerosal Allergy Symptoms

Thimerosal Allergy Symptoms

To prevent life threatening contamination, thimerosal an organic compound has been included in drugs and cosmetic products as a preservative. Its antiseptic ability can thwart bacterial and fungal infection.

But, in hypersensitive people, ingredients in this organic compound can trigger thimerosal allergy symptoms. Itchy red patches and swelling on thimerosal injected spot can be seen.

Though normally they get healed in a couple of days, hypersensitive reaction due to mercury or thiosalicylate present in thimerosal can lead to adverse reaction.

Mercury is of different types, few of them stay in your body and make you sick. Scientist after research concluded that the mercury used in thimerosal is safe and doesn’t stay in the body.

According to Food and Drug Administration methylmercury and elemental mercury found in fish can be toxic, as they build up to high levels.  Ethylmercury is the type of mercury that is used in thimerosal, which is broken by human body so that it easily excreted.

However, side-effects of using thimerosal are noted as redness and swelling at injected spot has been noted. Thimerosal allergy symptoms include contact dermatitis, which results in itching, red blisters, swelling and discomfort.

You must get diagnosed to treat thimerosal allergy. Allergist will conduct skin prick test to determine the allergic reaction. This involves exposing you to 0.1% of thimerosal aqueous solution.

To prevent the allergy you must avoid using products that include thimerosal. Below are listed few daily used products, which may trigger allergic reaction in you.

  • Make-up removers
  • Eye moisturizers
  • Eye shadows
  • Mascaras
  • Soaps
  • Eye and ear ointments
  • Antiseptic sprays
  • Vaccines

Check with your doctor before using these products.

For treating contact dermatitis, you can apply topical steroid creams, which can relieve from itching and inflammation or for mild symptoms apply olive oil before going to bed.

Let you family doctor and friend know about thimerosal allergy symptoms. Whenever, you get vaccinated inform doctor that you’re allergic to thimerosal. If there is no alternate medicine, discuss with physician about possible risks versus benefits.

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