Symptoms of Crab Allergy

crab allergy symptoms

Crab and shellfish are renowned to reduce blood sugar levels. Chromium residing in crab meat helps to increase good cholesterol and enhance healthy functioning of the heart. Besides being a great source of fatty acids, selenium, vitamin B2, copper and phosphorous, proteins in crab can trigger allergic reaction in most sensitive people. Symptoms of crab […]

Tree Nut Allergy Symptoms

Tree nut allergy is considered as one of the most common food allergies found in children and adults. Tree nuts include walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio and Brazil nuts. Peanuts or tree nuts can be legumes or seeds, such as sunflower or sesame. If you want to gain knowledge about the tree nut allergy symptoms or if suffering […]

Chickpea Allergy Symptoms

chickpea allergy symptoms

Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo are prominently used for culinary purpose all around the World.  Apart from being delicious, chickpeas are packed with high amount of fiber, vitamins and proteins. This dish will serve you various health benefits including healthy heart, low blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, relieve from inflammation and helps to reduce blood sugar […]

Capsicum Allergy

Capsicum Allergy fb

Capsicum is one of the most common type of pepper available which is widely used and liked by many people. Capsicum is known with different names like African chilies, paprika, Tabasco, Mexican chilies etc. Capsicum has been used for several ailments which includes heart problem, stomach related issues and even hardening of arteries. Apart from […]

Clementine Allergy

Clementine Allergy FB

Clementine belongs to citrus family and it resembles like an orange. Citrus fruits are renowned source of vitamin C, A, folate, fiber, antioxidants, minerals and other assorted nutrients. Even doctors recommend these fruits as they are able to treat health and skin ailments. But, unfortunately clementine and other citrus fruits may trigger allergic reaction in […]

Cinnamon Allergy Symptoms

Cinnamon Allergy Symptoms FB

  Cinnamon is a spice which is obtained from the bark of a plant which are mostly found in India, China and some of the Southeast Asian countries. Cinnamon is most commonly used in deserts, drinks and several personal care products. Apart from its distinct aroma, cinnamon is renowned for its medicinal properties. This spice […]

List of Foods that Contain Peanuts

List of Foods that Contain Peanuts fb

Peanuts are renowned for their exceptional nutritional properties. Antioxidants in it help to thwart free radicals and vitamins aid to enhance healthy functioning of your body. But, for few people this energy rich source may be a health hazard. When they consume peanuts, the immune system releases antibodies and histamines to combat them. This chemical […]