Para Phenylenediamine Allergy

Para phenylenediamine allergy

Para PhenyleneDiamine or PPD is extensively used in hair color and other daily used products. This chemical substance used for permanent dye. However, in 2006 American Contact Dermatitis Society declared it Para phenylenediamine allergy as contact allergen of the year. Apart from hair dye, PPD is used in textiles, fur dyes, tattoos, black rubber, black […]

Thimerosal Allergy Symptoms

thimerosal allergy

To prevent life threatening contamination, thimerosal an organic compound has been included in drugs and cosmetic products as a preservative. Its antiseptic ability can thwart bacterial and fungal infection. But, in hypersensitive people, ingredients in this organic compound can trigger thimerosal allergy symptoms. Itchy red patches and swelling on thimerosal injected spot can be seen. […]

Cosmetic Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

cosmetic allergy

Cosmetic industries use different chemicals and preservatives in their beauty products. If you experience red itchy rash after topically using them, then you may have cosmetic allergy. Common symptoms include blisters, skin rashes, dry patches, itching and red bumps. Studies reveal that cosmetic products are incorporated with a chemical called methylisothiazolinone (IM), which showed adverse […]

Essential Oil Allergy

essential oil allergy

Natural remedies always stand to protect you from various ailments. Essential oil is prominent for its soothing and calming activity, it helps to eliminate allergens off the body. But, in rare cases proteins in these oils can lead to essential oil allergy. Depending on your skin type and dosage, elements in this natural ingredient can […]

Mascara Allergy Symptoms and Diagnosis

mascara allergy

Cosmetic products are incorporated with chemical preservatives that can damage your sensitive skin. Mascara allergy is mainly triggered due to chemical compositions. Alluring fragrance and synthetic colors irritate your eye lashes. Media and marketing companies are promoting gorgeous girls with attractive eyes. As women are more concerned about their looks than men, most people are […]

Eye Makeup Allergy Symptoms

eye makeup allergy

You aren’t for a party without beautiful eyes. It expresses your views and can do thousand things, which your fingers can’t do. Setting a path, models use eye makeup for enticing eyes. Most women who’re more concerned about their looks are taking the same path. Millions of products are manufacturing and millions are using it […]

Sunscreen Allergy

sunscreen allergy

As temperature soaring, along with your body skin becomes dry due to dehydration. To beat the heat we take nutritious and water rich diet. Likewise to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, you must wear sunscreen creams that help to maintain pH level of the skin. Studies show that regular use of sunscreen cream […]